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Hey all,

don't know if this is the right place, if not, just move it into the right section Wink

I want to get notifications when a new post is made in a thread of mine (or thread of where I posted in). Always have to look in recent activity to see if my thread has been replied to.

Another question is if you have themes (styles) on how the forum is displayed.

Thanks for your feedback in advance!

Lookout! Thumbup
As far as I know there is some kind of notification/subscription system but to be totally honest I have no idea how it works, i'm always just refreshing forum home page where it shows new posts Biggrin and for now this is only available theme for forum.

Hope I helped you Biggrin
Hi Lookout,

Well,about notification you,have notification of Birthdays and if someone mention your name somewere in post using that form: @Lookout: ,about the posts,you have recent activity where all new threads,posts are shown that you didnt read them from your last visit. About syles we have put this to be default style for all the users. I hope that answers help a bit.
Oh I see. Now I get it, I'm just waaaay to conform with my forum Squint Thx Puffy

I realize that this is the default stlye, I would like to know if and where you can change that. Smile
Our design was bought from here:

The notification thing would most likely be a subscription to the topic, but to be honest I've never used that and I'm not even sure that there is such a thing here.

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