CoD4 Reign of the Undead - Revolution DEVELOPMENT
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RotU-Revolution's Future
Development Thread

This thread shall be used as a whole to talk about the future of RotU-Revolution, e.g. about features, bugs, development specific things and more!


Github Project · Bug Submissions · RotU-R Downloads · CoD4 Script Documentation · Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Code Formatting
Note the additional space after '(' and before ')' to improve readability. As of now we just started sticking to this formatting,
so you may see script files that do not stick to these principles, yet.
*    Function description of exampleFunction
*    @foo Boolean; Provides function with something
*    @bar String; Provides a bar, basically
exampleFunction( foo, bar )
    // We want to test asdf against something
    someFunction( "asdf" );
    if( foo )
        level.dvar["foo"] = "bar";
        // bear will cause things
        if( foo && bar != "bear" )
            return 1;
        // A string is important here
        return "0";
        /* TODO: RETURN 3 INSTEAD */
        return 4;

Getting started
We have recently published the links to the latest compiled files you will need in order to run the latest scripts.

1. Follow the installation instructions from the RotU-R Project Website
2. Replace the mod's files with the ones in the project's Readme at the bottom of the Github Project page
3. Download the scripts from the Github page or clone locally via

git clone

and put them into a scripts folder within your mod folder.
Using the


as an example it would have to be located at


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