Download Speed Feedback
Ok guys, i made this post to better collect info i need about download speed on our servers. Since some of you experience slow download speed when downloading maps or mod itself with download speed around 100 kb/sec maybe a bit higher or even lower but all in all download didnt been at you normal download speed then answer on those questions:

1. On what server you were? (RotU,RoZO or WaW)
2. What download speed you had (and what is your max download speed)?
3. Who is your internet provider or ISP?
1. WaW, RoZO...have downloaded everything I need on RotU, so I haven't download anything from there lately.
2. Download speed was at best around 150kb, but average was around 50kb (regularly I download around 500kb/s)
3. T-com
1-RoTu-R, RoZo, WAW I downloaded everything u got Biggrin (WAW and RoZo not long time ago)
2- The download Speed was about 450-550KB (my regular download is 650KB/s )
Does anybody else have this issues?

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