change guns in ROTU-R
Hello guys & girls
I have a clever proposal!!!

in ARMORED --- Change gun (watch images please )
otherwise we could change the order and mixed adding guns,, because it is not so done in any class to go from worst to best guns, it would definitely improve

if the Assembly put a little more and had arranged the mod as it should be much more satisfaction from customers where they play rotu-r ... slowly will 1 leto since the last update, and there is no indication that it would be something different.

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AK could switch place with P90, M1014 is useless practicaly, HK-21 should be the ultimate weapon for the class, i think M60, MG36, L86 and weapons like those could make it into the loadout. I know a bunch of other guns that could make their way here, my wish list is almost limitless Smile
EDIT: I know a lot about guns in real life so if you want my opinion feel free to ask me
[PF]Postman,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=12758#post12758 Wrote:EDIT: I know a lot about guns in real life so if you want my opinion feel free to ask me
bro... i'm friend ok? Biggrin
Thank you for the suggestions, before I go into any more detail about if we consider it I'd like to give a little bit of background for gun modding in general.
...and trust me, I've done a whole lot of that in the past, I ported guns from almost every other Call of Duty to Modern Warfare and also from other games.

So the first thing to know about guns in Call of Duty is; they are limited. There is a set amount of different guns the game can contain at any given time. With RotU-R that limit is more or less maxed out but I found a few small holes where we can still squeeze in a gun or two and we also plan to do that.
The second thing to keep in mind is the size that is added to the mod for weapons. Any new weapon will need a model, animations, etc. to give you a reference point, the F2000 we added in one of the last updates is roughly 10MB. Now if all the weapons are made just for the mod attachments etc. share their textures. (textures are the biggest thing about new weapons) Right now that is not the case, so there is some potential for more without increasing the size, maybe even getting it lowered.
To sum it up, we won't just randomly toss in any weapon we can get our hands on and hope for a good result.

Now that you know a tiny bit more about the backgrounds of the weapons let me tell you this much...
...we do plan to work on the Armored.
...we do plan to work on the weapons.

But at the very moment we are a little busy with the recent events, once that is wrapped up we'll start to work on RotU-R again.
just do not consider touching last shotgun on engineer Hail , best gun i ever played with Minigun , in cod4 and it's mods
and this will be over 1 years old to be getting tired of all the server through enkou anything new just change the number of zombies and how the wave guys ... it's nothin '!
when you have time to get together and do such as server should do something unique that will attract players game (server) that somewhere special to be weapons color should not be a unique,,, and then at the end of a player over 150000 Money need to minigun to be expensive! Thumbdown

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