Rotu-Revolution Server Admin
Your real life name:
Your Overwolfe or Steam name:
Nickname is Water, the name is msjennyjjr12
Your in-game nickname:
Your native country:
United States
Your age and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
07-18-1996 (19 yearsold)
Did you apply in the past 4 weeks:
How much time can you spend online daily:
4-6 hours lately
How did you find us:
Asked my friend for a good ROTU server he mentioned you guys
Have you ever been an admin before (if yes where and for how long):
yeah on other stuff way long ago but not recently. i used to host a promod server
Tell us something that encourages us to take you as an admin:
I think it would be cool to be admin because i do see a lot of admins in there but when theres nobody in there some people get really toxic. and on some maps it gets annoying cause zombies get stuck on every round.

I hope you look into this well Biggrin Thanks for your time! Biggrin Smile
TY 4 your application , we will resolve your case in 2-3 days
Ello Water we are sorry to inform u but your application was DECLINED . You need much more activity on the server and on the forum . You can reapply in 4 weeks but keep in mind the activity on the server and the forum , play have fun and engage in the forum .


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