Maps you would like to go away
Yeah, I'm still alive!

Anyway, I agreed with 3aGl3, to block the ladder with a wending machine, or a weapon upgrade, BUT, this change make this map impossible to beat it. Too many blockade's and stuffs got o the map, and make it impossible to beat all of the waves, especially the finale. You should try, but never works. So the removing should be better option.
Currently we are not able to remove parts of a map.<br>
We are unaware of a way do decompose a map (the .ff .iwd etc.) into a file that works with the call of duty 4 map making tool.<br>
If there was a way to do this, we would like to know how this is done. But for now removing is just not a option.
I think his "removal" suggestion was concerning the removal of the entire map, not parts of it. Then again I agree that this map would most likely be very hard if the tower were to be blocked.
that is the point
why should it be easy?
it think without tower map would be inspiring to play on
easy is for noobs Tongue

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