Rotu-Revolution Admin application
Your real life name: Richard

Your Overwolfe or Steam name: easyfly

Your in-game nickname: easy fly

Your native country: Germany

Your age and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 50, 29.11.64

Did you apply in the past 4 weeks: No

How much time can you spend online daily: right now some hours, but that can Change sometimes, depending on my current Job.

How did you find us: by recomandation of a friend (You know well Rolleyes )

Have you ever been an admin before (if yes where and for how long): last time at FNRP-Server, for about 2 years

Tell us something that encourages us to take you as an admin:

Well, I like Your Server and Like nice gaming. I prefer just to Play, and not doing the Admin work. But I would like to help, ceeping the Server clean, from some Players, that are spoiling the game sometimes, (like today happened) when no Admin is online.
TY 4 your application , we will resolve your case in 2-3 days
[Image: gCJSzc9.jpg]

Contact me or Luk for further detail.
Thanks for Your trust, I will do my best. Fight

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