Changing classes
Currently, when fixing things that run on the server, we have to download the scripts and fix it manually there.

Our current code is not runnable that we have here in development, so fixes like these are not very "useful" for us when we fix it on the live environment, because the code differs. And I'm not sure whether it's an easy fix, it could be that "reset unlocks" should just not reset the special weapon, otherwise it might require extensive testing so we don't break stuff, but that needs time that we barely have right now.

If we'd get some help from FNRP we most likely could merge the fixes then, at least it should be easier.
3aGl3 and Luk, thanks for your answers. Just take your time. Coding is a very long and hard work, and thanks for taking your free time to make our gaming experience even better.
Luk, 3aGl3 Respect I really wish I new something about coding I would have jumped in with you guys Sad I know a lot about designing though if this helps Hmm

We all appreciate your continuous hard efforts :salut:
|FNRP|C20Dragon,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=11521#post11521 Wrote:Yes we had that issue too. If you would like I could or you guys can message Sphere and ask him how he solved that problem? I believe he is the one knows the solution.

C20Dragon forwarded a message from Sphere and I've implemented the changes he proposed. The raygun can now only be bought once in a map while you're playing, even if you change your class.

I've also updated the version to 0.8.1-indev and updated the "script change" date. It's just a thing to update, nothing else was changed.

EDIT: I've also changed the redirect of the menu button "PLAY NOW" to, which makes it not show it as official anymore. But with that, players will always connect to the official server, even if our IP ever changes.
Thanks a million times Luk! And thanks to C20Dragon and Sphere also. Can't wait to see those players trying to buy ray for second time and then asking us why they can't Biggrin
Nicelly done bro :snoppy: :snoppy:
Luk you are a legend!
Full credit to Sphere here. I just copied over what he sent me (with a minor change).
Luk the legend Thumbsup :salut:
Special thanks to our friends C20Dragon and Sphere Respect

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