Final wave not propperly starting
On the map plaza, the finale wave was not triggering. The screen went black but no text was appearing. And the people were frozen. (giving the players afk warnings)

[spoiler= small LOG paste]
Console: | Type !rules to see rules of this server <br>
Info: Player quit: 'freelancer'<br>
KaZaKh99: I need a medic!<br>
!CAT! Babica: I need ammo!<br>
Danfitlou: bb all<br>
BulletProof: bb<br>
KaZaKh99: bb<br>
Console: | Server restarts every day at 4AM |<br>
Info: Player joined: '[PF] Wim'<br>
Console: STAFF MEMBER [PF] Wim (from Netherlands) has joined the game!<br>
Info: Player quit: 'MOHAMMED (IRAQI'<br>
Info: Player quit: 'Elpredatore'<br>
KaZaKh99: ÷òî ñåðâåðîì<br>
Info: Player joined: 'Meri'<br>
Console: Welcome Meri (from Ukraine) to our RotU-R Testserver! <br>
BulletProof: what happend?<br>
Info: Player quit: 'Danfitlou'<br>
KaZaKh99: ïî÷åìó<br>
BulletProof: game crashed?<br>
KaZaKh99: âîò ïðèêîë<br>
BulletProof: ?<br>
BulletProof: wim?<br>
[PF] Wim: yes<br>
[PF] Wim: are you all seeing a black screen now?<br>
BulletProof: why game stoped?<br>
Info: Player quit: '!CAT! Babica'<br>
BulletProof: yes<br>
Console: | The Server's main language is English, please use English whenever possible! |<br>
BulletProof: go spec?<br>
[PF] Wim: ok, tell me. Did you finish the finale wave? or was it about to begin?<br>
BulletProof: begin<br>
BulletProof: warring for afk on my screen<br>
] ok.<br>
Console: (Wim): ok.<br>
] gonna restart the server<br>
Console: (Wim): gonna restart the server<br>[/spoiler]
I don't know what caused the problem, but could it be that the person leaving messed with the player count at the wrong time?
It happened once when i spectated and as you said wim pitch black, no action but i think there were 8 players at that moment, not sure
Do you know how much players were in the game ?

The error started somewhere arround here I think:
[spoiler]Info: Player quit: 'MOHAMMED (IRAQI'
Info: Player quit: 'Elpredatore'

KaZaKh99: ÷òî ñåðâåðîì
Info: Player joined: 'Meri'
Console: Welcome Meri (from Ukraine) to our RotU-R Testserver!
BulletProof: what happend? [/spoiler]
Probably went wrong because the players left during the player counting which counts if there are enough players for the final wave.
Which is a very small chance.
But I don't know just guessing.
i dont think its about people leaving during the countdown. if there are 5+ players after the boss there will be finale, and if not no finale otherwise and when the countdown starts it cant be cancelled
I didnt say during the countdown Wink
I said during the counting of the players which counts if there are enough players
Just checked the code, there is no way the counting would get interrupted.
It's a simple if check that happens before the Intermission even happens.
If I could get actual console_mp.log that'd might help.

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