YouTube Channel
When I get home I'm gonna make myself an YouTube intro or at least I'm gonna try to make one. Tongue
Maybe if that turns out good I can make one for PF aswell.
Things are planned but far in the future. Feel free to create content for the channel but it must be of quality and should be copyright-claim-free.

Do not create a trailer. An intro has to be stunning to be used.
I would be able to record and render 1080p 60FPS but I'd have to let my PC run for two or so days to upload one match xD
Recording an entire game with fraps will need some extra hard driveSmile) because 1 minute of recording is around 3.50 GB... so i prefer to make short game-plays and after that thanks to Luk i have a program to compress it, and also if any of you have decent recording in good quality HD of any other games you can let me know and i will try to comperes and upload them on our channel.... 1 or 2 minutes long
[Image: 0Wwy4fU.jpg]

New Background Smile
Im waiting some demos if you guys have, no longer then 2 min.... different maps, different waves, also TDM games... or any other games, just so we can have some content for now

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