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Ok guys here it is our YouTube channel, don't expect to see amazing montages or crazy stuff....not yet Smile) but there we will post some of the game-plays that we record from the server.
We already have some video demos from some of the maps, basically not sure what we will post there but video game plays will be the main activity there for now.
I would appreciate if you guys will subscribe and let me know your ideas.
Channel Link
Lets try to offer our server and forum a little bit more exposure

Best Regards
Thats a great idea to have a Youtube channel!
It would be great too if people recorded their gameplay with a good quality (at least 720p) and upload it to their own channel, and then share it to PF channel if you guys like it
Well i consider Youtube to be a good niche for our Server, Forum and Mod to have an extra advertise..... i search and there are not so many Rotu clips on YouTube this year... so why not trying to exploit every option that we have
Subbed, I want to see some awesome 3600° sniper montages, Jumpots, Noscopes and not to mention x60 kills!

[spoiler]Just kidding, hope to see some zombie gameplay once in a while.[/spoiler]
Subbed aswell, I might can record some gameplay when I get home from vacation.
If I'm not mistaken I should be able to record 1080p 60fps gameplay.
First of all i think we need a proper, epic trailer. I'm subbed aswell Biggrin
All at their time bro.... one day we will have that epic trailer im sure of that Thumbsup
good idea Thumbup
I can make a trailer but it's not guaranteed to be very high quality, 720p max because of weak graphics card (Radeon HD 7470m)
Haha..u complain about ur card Biggrin I have Intel Hd craphics and i play on a laptop...i also have probably the slowest internet speed here Biggrin So 720p is more than awesome to me Biggrin

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