Server Issues
Hello ,
I open up a Rotu server and set 30 Bot´s.
But ingame only 20 Bots Join!!
I don´t know how I can fix this. Is there a Command to spawn new Zombie Bots ?

Make sure you have enough slots for your bots AND the players. What's your server.cfg and command line? (make sure you remove any passwords first)
Can´t edit server confic. because it´s a ff. file Unsure

The .ff file is the mod itself...
Server configs are the .cfg files !

So I have a mod folder Rotu and there is a ccfg file , in this is only a mainmenu.cfg
My idea was to open the mod folder but this in an .ff file so I can´t read it .....
should I add my own cfg. file ???!?!?

And what do you mean with command line ?

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Download the official server files here:

Read how to install here:

If any of the steps are unclear, feel free to ask here.
Ahh ok now i finaly got it Biggrin

but i have a other question : How can I add new weapons skrips to the mod ?

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