Admin apply
Your real life name:
yahya dwairi
Your Overwolfe or Steam name:
Your in-game nickname:
Your native country:
Your age and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
23 ( 7/6/1992 )
Did you apply in the past 4 weeks:
How much time can you spend online daily:
maybe 2 hours at morning and 3 hours to 4 hours at night
How did you find us:
friendly server/ in a short word ( family )
Have you ever been an admin before (if yes where and for how long):
no not before
Tell us something that encourages us to take you as an admin: other people Descrip me as Obliging person +i am interior designer i have a different look for things Thumbup

thanks for reading
TY 4 your application , we will resolve your case in 2-3 days
yahya_dwairi,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=12706#post12706 Wrote:Did you apply in the past 4 weeks:

You claimed that you have applied within the last 4 weeks. You need to wait at least 4 weeks for another apply.

On another note: You have not applied within the last 4 weeks but still answered 'Yes' to the question. By this we assume you haven't read the application form and thus you're denied.

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