Server Rules
Server rules

As you all know: This server is a place where many people from countries all over the world come together. Every single one of them is different.

In order to maintain a good atmosphere and teamwork, there are some rules anyways which you have to stick to when playing on [PF] servers
1. Pay respect to the admins and listen to them
2.There is no language enforcement on this Server. However, please speak
English whenever you can anyone can understand what you're saying.
3. Play fair and honourable,help each other, this is the best way to play
4. Respect other players (incl. beginners)
5. Work as a team and get a better feeling of the game
6. No racism of any kind.
7. No swearing, namecalling or profanity of any kind, in any language!
8. No cheating, exploiting or glitching of any kind.
9. No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else,
10. No advertising or spamming of websites or servers, the servers are no place for advertisement.
11. Do not pose yourself as a [PF] community member, you will be warned to remove tags before receiving a tempban for tag stealing.
12. Be advised that the [PF] tag are for trusted members only,they are assumed to have read our rules and are held to a higher standard.
13. Do not pose yourself as a admin on [PF]servers,this will result with a ban.
14. If you think you have been baned wrongly or without a reason,write your appeal to Appeal a ban section
15. If by chance an admin is not immediately available to assist you with an issue or a rule breaker, please file a report in our forum
16. No abuse of respawn or you can be punished,when you die, your dead till revive,or till new wave begins!
17. Do not steal other carepackages you can be kicked or even baned
The puffyforum server administrators reserve the right to instantly ban you from all our services in case of an extreme violation or suspicion of intentionality.
Thank you,
Puffy's Forums Administration

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