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Well the bro you have a powerfull imagination,this is great work there ..."boldly do what no man have done before" Tongue
Wai- Wait, did I just hear... That you didn't use a 3d program for this!?!?!?!??

This is just ridiculous how good you are at doing this stuff. Man, If I had a company I would go to you for the best logo ever! Thumbsup
I use Photoshop cs6 it has 3D incorporated
Hi guys and thank you all for the support this means a lot to me because i know that i have friends that are suporting and encourage me to move forward in this hard (business) well i would like to quit my normal job in the future and to dedicate my time with training courses and working as a logo designer
My latest works
Bro i can swear that this are made by pro,really nice pictures,specially like the one with the car logo.......for you i can only say this,man have forged their own luck.....and you are on the good path to work on something what you like
And my latest Work guys

Just awesome! Thumbsup
It looks amazing as always
Hi guys i made this avatar for me but who wants to use it just let me know i can change the flag to your country residence and the nick name that you are using in the game and for the ones that don't know from where LS is coming is from Luk Servers our first home and where we all meet
I got inspire from one of my favorite TV shows Sons of Anarchy
Even tho I its a great piece of work and it really looks neat,
I am gonna stay with my old one, wim written in C4

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