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Im happy when i came from my normal job and start working on my part time job logo designs and receive those kind of messages
"Great design and service from Vlad, I highly recommend his Gig, he will go above and beyond to make sure you get what your looking for. God bless you Vlad."
Make me forget all that hatred that I have gathered that day
Rom, you have mastered the way to make perfect logo, i can swear that those logos looks like they are actually real, or that you take a picture of then somewere,after all it is nice when after several fuck-in-my-mind people comes someone who really appreciate your effort in what you are doing for him, once again wonderful work Thumbsup
Thanks bro
I can't find a word to describe how good that logo is. (in the good way)
Thanks Wim
Once again... Good job.
Rom you don't need a 3D program, you're basically the Photoshop god there :O
Thanks guys i appreciate it Thumbsup
My latest work
[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
Now im really proud of this one Smile first time that i put some effort in making a logo client idea drawn and the results of my imagination Smile

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