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OK very good work slay and ive only for you

[Image: 1507927033-mestar.png]
Icon I have created in illustrator for myself.
[Image: cTv2fOF.png]

Full size: LINK
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That looks really cool. How did you make that?
I looked up some low poly animal wolf faced for a little wood project almost a year ago. I couldn't find one that I could easily make out of wood, so I made one myself using other ones as a reference. To be more accurate I made a wireframe in paintDotNet. Recently I was looking for something to use as a global icon, a gravatar that wasn't linked to games. I looked at my old wood project and saw I could make a W easily on the top. I opened my old wireframe and manually traced it in illustrator. Changed it a bit to make the letters more natural looking. Added in the colors and done.

EDIT : after looking up I found a low poly wolf face that looks to close to this. So I'm gonna do some minor changes before I make that my overal icon

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