Re-Open of RAwind!
Hello folks! Smile

How're ya all doing? The reason of making this topic is about Re-Opening RAwind, an Online Radio Station that I have. Some of you who know me since I first came here already know it (I hope lel :>) but the Hoster I used has some conditions in order to keep every new Radio UP. In the past, when I had the Radio hosted in there, I "failed" because I wasn't following those conditions (and I couldn't do anything because that's not up to me even though I did the best I could!).

To keep a Radio Running in that Hoster I had / have to follow these conditions: I have to say that it's really hard to keep it UP while nobody knows you. Erm, I'd like to ask your help and opinion(s).

I'm thinking to Re-Open as I already said RAwind into that hoster since it's the best I know but I have to ask you few questions first and I'd be grateful if you answer!

(The Radio is 24/7 songs. No advertises, me or someone else speaking etc)


1st Question: Would you like me to Re-Open it?

2nd Question: Would you like to support me?

3rd Question: What kind of songs do you like?

4th Question: Do you like the idea of putting different kind of songs regarding days / hours every day?

If you're about to answer please answer like this:

Question #1: [opinion]

Question #2: [opinion]

Question #3: [opinion]

Question #4: [opinion]

So that it won't be a mess and it'll be easier for me to read. Thank you so much for reading & answering the questions (for those who will). I also hope that this doesn't count as an advertise and I thought that it doesn't because it has nothing to do with CoD4 or any Clan.
Question #1: Open only if you can afford spending a lot of time online... advertising and find new listeners
Question #2: Depends of what kind of help do you need

Question #3: Luk Music Smile)

Question #4: Different musical styles are a good thing

Good Luck
What kind of support is listening it whenever you can, liking / favorite - retweet stuff sometimes but the most important is listening Smile

Erm Luk music? :> explaination please?
Luk music - Music that Luk is posting in shoutbox from time to time xD and yeah, my opinion is basically the same as Rom's Wink
I'm mostly posting Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep, Liquid Drum'n'Bass and other weirdly-named genres. Artists are some like Emancipator, Gramatik, The Glitch Mob, Arkasia, Netsky etc.
Thumbsup Thanks guys! I'll make sure to hear them and put em Luk! Wink (if I open it)
Hey guys,

I've decided to do so and Re-Open my Online Radio Station! Smile I'd just like your help and let me know you preferences on specific songs (songs that you like).

I'd appreciate it a lot of you'd use a "form" like this:


Sort of song (pop / electro / trance / dubstep etc):

YouTube Link:

Thanks! Thumbup

@Luk: Songs that you've posted lately will be added these days! Thumbsup
Hello everyone again!

I've got great news (at least for me Tongue). I've set-up RAwind with plenty songs of different sorts of music, I've uploaded manually too about 1,5 - 2 GBs and I'm here to announce you that RAwind is finally UP!


NOTE: I set-up a lot of songs, of different sorts as I said but there's still a lot of work on the Radio! Don't expect it to be perfect - it CAN be perfect with YOUR help! Smile


If you noticed that a song is in a wrong place, if you want me to add songs you like, if if if.... please let me know by messaging me on FNRP Forum or even by sending me a message on radio's email which is "" (I'd love if I see a message to test the email tho Tongue).

You can listen to the Radio on "Radionomy" which is the hoster on this link: (if doesn't work go to and search for "RAwind"). For Android and iOS it's possible to hear it too! Simply, search for "Radionomy" on App Store / Play Store, download and search for "RAwind".

I'm also working on a Site and Forum for them, they are up and working but they need a lot of work. Well, you can still visit them and register so for those who're interested in it, here's the link for the Site: and this is for Forum: /

I'd also appreciate it so much if you'd Like the Facebook Page: and / or Follow on Twitter:

Thank you so much guys! Open the Spoiler to see the Radio's Schedule!

[spoiler]Schedule might be changing all the time.
Anyway, I'll let you know and updating the Spoiler every new schedule

Current Schedule:

[Image: 2gub90g.png]

Time is set to +2 (GMT+2)!!![/spoiler]

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