my custom MC map
Not sure if this is right place but,
I finaly finished my custom mc map,
you can download it from these 2 places,

(delay was due to waiting for a friend for his maze)

images in spoiler buttons
[spoiler]one futher plz[spoiler]one futher plz[spoiler]one futher plz[spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_31_45.png][spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_31_53.png][spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_32_03.png][spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_32_28.png][spoiler][spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_32_28.png][/spoiler]
[spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_32_53.png][/spoiler]
[spoiler][Image: 2013_06_03_17_33_51.png][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
Some screenshots would be nice Smile
I added screenshots,
can someone leave a rating?
I think i'm gonna download this tomorrow when my new monitor (hopefully Unsure) arrives Wink.
Then i'll be able to rate it, and add some critic if necessary Smile.
Test it, finish it, like it Thumbup

No for real, cool mazes, ti would be cool if elp could put some of them in server somewhere Biggrin (I almost fail at that white one xD but I menage to finish it also Biggrin )
I just saw that one

[Image: 2013_06_03_17_32_28.png]
:wtfj: :wtfj:
This map is very strange xD, i thought it was just about some mazes to solve but the other stuff around took me more time to play around Tongue.
Difficulty rating for the mazes:
- your friends maze: No maze? :o
- light maze: easy
- glass maze: a little harder
- white one: took me longest to finish Tongue#
(i was suprised about the herobrine thing at the beginning until i remembered battlegoods post xD)
I changed the herobrine thing. now it says: Fuck your shit Wimtzw
Did any one of you try the dark maze?

Or found the way to the enderdragon?
Uhm.... no xDDD

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