Signatures / Avatars
Bro! they are awsame!!! Thx for effort and time Smile Like it much, youre crazy, like youre in design bussiness Smile))
I wannnaaaa...
Thx again bro!
Thanks Doome Smile
if you have problems with signature (no image or...) it has something with rather new EU regulations is how you can fix it

it must work for everyone, just follow steps bellow "step by step" Wink
in your "signature" you must enter link from "your thread attachment picture"
and as you can see i uploaded mine picture to this thread:
1. upload in your thread (attachments - upload)
2. when you upload in thread right click on it and open in in a new tab
3. copy that picture link to your userCP under signature (it must be something like...

omg remember i have made a lot and a lot of signature when i work on graphic forum ..........long time ago

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