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Heyo guys,

What's up everyone? First of all I want to introduce a little bit myself. I'm the Founder of oMG Clan (Onslaught Mad Gamers) - an almost 2 years old CoD4 Clan, started in 1.0 version (the oldest one). I play CoD4 for about 4+ years and started playing CoD2 since I was 6 (which I rarely play now). I'm 14 (and 4 months) years old - was born on the 21st of February on 2000 (don't complain about that Tongue haha) and I'm from Cypurs, a small island in Mediterranean Sea (check Google Maps if you want).

Some of you may already know me but some others don't. Don't worry if you don't Wink I used to use the nickname 'oMG-Invisible-F' but for some reasons I changed it to Furious (those reasons can be found in our forum). So, I think that these information are enough for me. Let's go to the partnership section now.

I'd like to request a partnership between my Clan and Puffy Community. I've been here quiet a long time, watching how's the Community going but without replying in any posts. I type something on shoutbox but only this. I'd like you to accept this partnership & I decided to do this Topic because people here are very friendly, sociable, kind and helping Smile Yeah, one of those guys is Puffy, who helped me yesterday to set-up my clan's Deathrun Server during I have some issues that I couldn't find & fix. Fortunately, we figured out the problems and I already started building the Server. Triper, Rom, BattleGood & Luk (sorry if I forgot someone) are really good friends of me. Triper & Rom also helped somehow to fix the problem(s).

Unfortunately, as a clan, we're not divined in Rotu-Revolution or any other mods that Puffy Community plays. But, I think this won't cause to the Partnership. I can tell my members that if they want to play in a Zombie Server to go in yours Smile I'd also try promote your forum / servers in our Forum , Twitter , Facebook Page etc when I'll have time and do the best for you to make your Servers stronger! With this way it's like a give something back to you because I feel like I own you, since Puffy helped me Smile

I hope that you'll think very carefully about our Partnership and have a positive answer Wink I'm really looking forward to see your reply!

Our Deathrun Server:
[Image: url%5D]

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards

Founder | oMG Clan

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