CoD4 Reign of the Undead - Revolution 0.7 Alpha PUBLIC RELEASE
[Image: Y63HICX.png]
RotU-Revolution Public Release
Version: 0.7-alpha

Official Website

  • Overhauled zombie models, new dog models
  • New special waves (helldogs, dark & scary, grouped)
  • The FINALE as last wave, spawning zombies everywhere and inducing total chaos!
  • The "Last Chance", giving you a last chance to pay your death fees once and be able to fight again
  • New and longer Boss phases, introducing the "Guns" phase with normal bullet damage
  • New Boss shockwave-attack
  • Statistics that are being displayed at the end of a game
  • More configuration options to make the best out of the mod
  • New effects
  • Overhauled Turret algorithms
  • Re-interpreted and new Class Abilities
  • New Main Menu
  • New HUD Elements
  • New Weapons
  • Many Quality-of-Life changes
  • Overhauled music selection for each wavetype
  • Automated and by-request shouts imported from Battlefield 3 (grenade, medkit/ammobox, revive, "Need Medic!", "Need Ammo!")
  • Overhauled itemslot organisation
  • Tons of bugfixes and most likely some newly introduced bugs
Full changelog can be found here.

[Image: PqdnPkPl.png][Image: zHigxHEl.png][Image: rjOIiBgl.jpg][Image: O3X30Ufl.jpg][Image: gxyQaGnl.png][Image: pOXwJjKl.jpg]

[spoiler=CREDITS]Reign of the Undead - Revolution is a project by Luk [owner of the former LukServers Community] and 3aGl3 (joined 03.09.14).

The aim of it was to eliminate long-lasting bugs, make it actually look like a zombie survival mod, add new features and make quality-of-life changes.

Reign of the Undead - Revolution is based on the unfinished source code of Reign of the Undead 2.1 and NOT on the (later published) Open Source version of RotU.

Thanks to all these people who made it possible for RotU to be developed even further!


Bipo, Etheross, Brax, Mr-X, Hacker22, Red Beret, H0ly

======== > INDIVIDUAL CREDIT: < ========

======== > Puffy:
- Providing a friendly forum that looks quite familiar and keeps all the old LukServers friends together
- Providing a test server for selected members and the public to look for crucial bugs
- Ripping a massive amount of zombies from BO1 - SO AWESOME!

======== > RomDrTab:
- Making the awesome RotU-Revolution Logo

======== > Puffyforum Community
- Providing lots of suggestions and great ideas

======== > Jpeg94:
- Occasional help solving logical problems

======== > AoD Rycoon:
- Scripting help
- Re-doing the burning-fx of inferno zombies
- Armored mesh-overlay
- Providing his Hostname-Plugin originally for Deathrun to be used with RotU

======== > Viking:
- Scripting help and understanding of the IW Engine
- Adding a description box to the "Select a Class" menu, further explaining how menus work & kindly editing the currents ones to fit my needs
- Ripping Monkey Bomb from CoD WaW
- Help making the Monkey Bomb explode in CoD4
- Fixing bad rig-weights on the zombie_wolf

======== > Punk:
- Supporting me at the beginning of making "RotU 2.5" as it was called back then
- Implementing new weapons and creating new useful abilities
- Being there Smile

======== > Samuel:
- Explaining that weapon sounds (wpnai, wpnplyr) are inside the mod.ff and don't have to be added into an .iwd

======== > LEGX|Jeffskye:
- Suggesting the possibility to look around while reviving and restoring barricades and providing a sample script

======== > FNRP-Sphere :
- Providing a RotU-STATS plugin for the Big Brother Bot (B3)

======== > Infinity Ward/Treyarch:
- Providing the necessary tools to modify the game
- Providing software that enables everyone to host their own gameservers
- Making games that were good and still are due to excessive modding and a great community

======== > PeZBOT:
- Providing the waypathing algorithm for the zombies

======== > Tom-BMX:
- Making tools like Lime and others to enable modders to easily port models and animations from newer CoD titles to CoD4. This mod made excessive use of his tools, thank you!

======== > Map makers all over the world:
THANK YOU for constantly providing the playground for us players with new challenging designs and ideas! Please keep them coming.
You know what we would like to see more? Objective maps like mp_surv_trap! What would also be cool? If there is interest, I (Luk) would like to try to create dynamic rooms like in WaW where spawnpoints are unlocked as soon as a player pays xxx upgradepoints to unlock a new area of the map instead of having zombies run through barriers and walls and having to run all over the map.

======== > ASSETS: < ========

MW2 Intervention:

Wounded Hands Viewmodel:
Author: kalaboKK

Battlefield 3 L96:
Author: 3aGl3

BO Enfield:
Author: Tito

Author: Sanya

MW2 Vector:
Author: Sanya

MW2 M4:
Author: Sanya

Steyr AUG:
Author: =|SF|= Phoenix

Sentry Gun:
Ripped by: Str1k3r

Author: tito

======== > MUSIC: < ========

Ambient Inferno Zombies:
Immediate Music - Def Con
Immediate Music - Heaven's Warrior
City Of The Fallen - Cry Of The Prophets

Ambient Grouped Zombies:
Charlie Parra del Riego - Call of Duty Black OPS II The Metal Remix

Ambient Finale Wave:
Brand X Music - Bring The Pain
Brand X Music - Knuckle Up
Epic Score - Ultimate Power

Ambient Toxic Wave:
Brand X Music - Mythos

Ambient Hell Wave:
Two Steps From Hell - Portals Over Earth
Brand X Music - Apocalyptic

Ambient Boss:
E.S. Posthumus - Ushas

Main Menu Theme:
Resident Evil 4 - Save Theme

======== > Forgot you? < ========

Unfortunately I was unable to reverse-engineer the origin of custom stuff used in this mod that was already there when I got it.
If you see your work within this mod that has not been credited, please accept my apology and feel free to contact me with proof that you are the creator and I will surely add you to the list!
You will most likely find me at or on Steam: doctorluk

Download Mod

RotU-Revolution Map Pack 1.6GB
MD5 Checksum: f47c4e9481d5ae58ac314c2935020470
(ALWAYS VERIFY! If your MD5 Hash is different try redownloading. If that doesn't help, please contact me on which Mirror this happened)

Mappack Download (Mirror 1)
Mappack Download (Mirror 2) (by AlexC)

Thanks for the mirrors!
If you've downloaded the files before 16:40 UTC 10.04.2014, please redownload them. There was a script missing, causing the mod not to initialize properly.
Updated to 0.4.1. Changes
Updated to 0.4.2.
Updated to 0.5.
Version 0.6 has been released. Changelog of this version can be found here:
Updated to 0.7

[code=What's New?]// //
// Version 0.7 //
// //
// released on 01.11.2014 //

--> 3aGl3 is now officially part of the RotU-R Modding team

New Features:
- Ingame stats and RotU-STATS persist even after disconnecting
- Ingame stats are restored when reconnecting
- You are now able to look around while reviving
- New Ammobox and Medkit (from BF3)
- B3 RotU-STATS plugin (with permission from FNRP-Sphere, thanks a bunch!)
- New F2000 (from BF3)
- New SCAR-H (from BF3)
- Combat Knife (replaces Tomahawk)
- Notification Texts at the bottom left when players activate their special
- New MP5K (from BF3)
- When using the server version 1.7a, the server will now do a regular map switch instead of using the rcon password
- Notification text in the bottom left when one of your turrets has run out of time
- New Passive Ability 3 for the Scout: Intelligent Grenades - When a grenade of you hits a zombie in mid-air, the grenade will explode immediately
- The Explosive Crossbow's Arrows now stick to zombies
- Support for the following stock maps:
mp_bloc, mp_cargoship, mp_countdown, mp_creek, mp_farm, mp_killhouse, mp_overgrown, mp_pipeline, mp_shipment

- Support for the following custom maps:
mp_4t4scrap, mp_asylum, mp_mw2_term, mp_surv_boss_road, mp_surv_zombiedesert

- Bigger maprotations! By default you can only store about 1000 characters inside the sv_maprotation. Split your maprotation across several ones!
They are now called sv_maprotation_1, sv_maprotation_2, ..., sv_maprotation_20
Make sure none of them holds more than 1000 characters to prevent bugs!

- Assassin's Vector sharing ammo with secondary weapons
- Minigun 3rd person animation
- 3rd person reload animation of the F2000, AUG and Enfield
- Viewhands visual bugs
- Hitbox model of the Boss zombie is now fully invisible
- Added missing Ability descriptions (Scout Primary Ability 2)
- self.incdammod undefined error, when a player hits a zombie entity that has not been fully loaded

Other Changes:
- Removed unused assets and further cleaned up the mod
- Altered Wave Announcement Text
- Changes to some weapons (timing changes and more)
- The RotU-STATS plugin for manu admin mod will now only open a single connection instead of establishing a connection whenever data is transmitted
- Removed debugging messages of recent maps in the games_mp.log
- Balance changes to Helldogs
- The rcon commands "setprestige" and "setrank" now take an optional third argument: force (has to be 1 if the rank/prestige is to be downgraded), default: 0
- Balance changes to Engineers and Medics:
Engineers now gain less Upgrade Points by providing ammo, additionally the ammobox has a higher cooldown
Medics receive double the amount of Upgrade Points for healing players but nerfed the Healing Aura's amount of returned health per orb
- Some zombie animations have been condensed down to one weapon file, the engine now handles randomizing the animations[/code]
Need to replace the to, otherwise the mirros is broken. I replaced my instance to that domain, should works.

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