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Im sure he earned our respect for being present in that 24hr Rotu Marathon like all of them who was there
That RotU Marathon was something great,jokes,fun..pure pleasure to play
I bet 24hours nice going did anyone back out?
Well we all have taken a few hours break, rom did one to go get his gf or something (i cant remember exactly) and most of us used a few h break to sleep a bit and eat something xD
I had a break because I had no idea anymore what I was playing (a clear message for me to take a break when something like that happens)
Rom won it because he's simply best...
Guys, we should do another 24 hour marathon on rotu-r next Squint
If you organize payment, prizes, coding and statistics, go ahead xD
Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=4937#post4937 Wrote:If you organize payment, prizes, coding and statistics, go ahead xD
Ok... Never mind that then! XD
Smile) Thumbsup Wizard
But since we have some amazing feedback about RotU Revolution i think ( if we are not dead or we are not in hell just joking here im not a faithful person ) that next year maybe maybe we can try it again in the summer you never know what the future will reserve us
People say that you only live once. Wrong! you live everyday you only DIE make it count Wink

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