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We had a bug Today in map mp_surv_ffc_arena when we try to vote we had this confusing image bug and we couldn't vote, we couldn't see the map's name in the rotation when we try to vote
[Image: 129951772-3.jpg]
This was a few days ago, made a screenshot but forgot to post it.
It was on simpsons map.
I had 2 medkits, then i threw one and it didn't recharge, so i waited to see if it will, but no.
After 5 minutes i went to spect, selected the same class "medic" again and i got both of them again.
This happened only one time.

[Image: azFdAuL.png]
Well, that is rare.... I don't think there is a way to replicate that.
Is this supposed to look like that the new F2000 (the sight)
[Image: 6444bdbe4c88e98f70c5cc0008e7994e.png]
Hmm, no matter what I do I can't replicate your bug Rom.
I tried all kinds of texture settings and the only concerning thing was the reticle went completely missing on Lowest...
Please get the weapon again and let me know if it happens again (preferably on a different map and in a normal wave).
Again I was spectating somebody and saw the same prob like yesterday
And I have also added a pic with my settings

[Image: a64c61d87b49a4a7f541331172a0fc90.png]
[Image: a618c4eff039991fdc194283516e36d4.png]
Thanks Rom, I'll look into it again, hope I find something.
Did you spectate the first time when this happend? or did it only happen in spectator mode?
It happens to me while i play, and also if i spectate somebody else.
But only when i aim or the player that i spectate is aiming,if im not aiming the sight dot is normal
[Image: 32a788affcac924c4e88c1cfd503f44f.png]
Thanks Rom that's also a good piece of info, now I'm sure it's the dot (which is only visible while aiming) and not the lens Smile

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