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Yes, it is fixed now!
Hey guys

Just setup the mod as experiment - to compare to our 2.2.2 server, prob: NO zombies are spawning?

I have tried on your test map, and new_moon_lg & the quake map

have trolled the configs and re uploaded mod to server --- any ideas?


Give us the command line, configs and folder/file structure please.
I was with Doome today on server and we found out some Bugs and have some Suggestions!

First thing is that when you come in game, you get a certain amount of money, for each wave you get more, but if you come in game, buy a rifle or a gun and
reconnect, you will get the money again, and you can upgrade your rifle/gun that you bought earlier!
I showed that to Doome on wave #6 i think, reconnected a few times and i bought Scar-H and Deagle without even having to play!

Second thing, what i also tried is when i was down (zombie killed me), i went to spect, and joined again (same class), after i spawned i got my special back and i just continued playing and reviving other players! And i can do that every time i'm down!

We also think that medic should have the ability to be immune for the crawler toxic cloud, like engeneer does!
My opinion on your third suggestion is that it is better that the medic is not immune to toxic cloud because the medic would become op.

And just to make it more clear to me, your second suggestion is to change that when you come in to a battle, your special is charged?
As Trikx said, first one is major bug and i think as soon ppl. figured that out they will abuse that and everybody will have maxed weapons. Is there a way for server to remember amount of money for each player if he is bugged out of game or his game crushed?
On second matter Trikx try to sead that, that every time you're down you can leave in spec. and come back with no problem and on top of that you get your special on again. Can we stop that from happening? I see
that ppl. didn't figured that out also, for now.
And on matter of medic why woud be op? it's kinda logic for him to be imune like engeener after all he is medic and maybe change engeener's imune thing to slow ammo renegeneration also logic to me if he gives ammo.
1. Have to fix that. Got that report from FNRP, too. Server will remember the last wave you've played and only give you the amount of missed waves as money.
2. Will add that a player can not rejoin a current wave for 180 seconds if he left to spec. (I can't disable going to spec while being down, because players have to go afk eventually)
3. Immunity is reserved for the Soldier. Medics can only cure each other, so teamplay is enforced.
Guys is it me or you also have game crash on map futurama?
i have same problem puffy , my game crash every time on loading map mp_futurama.
Looks like a new infinite loop problem has surfaced.

Please, whenever the game lags for about 2 to 3 seconds, have an eye out for the following things:
  • Which wave type is running?
  • Are there many zombies alive and running?
  • Are there many medkits/ammoboxes on the minimap/placed?
  • Are there any zombified players?
  • Which map is running?
  • How many occurences of lag has the map had during that round?

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