[box=yellow]Frequently Asked Questions[/box]

Welcome to the RotU-Revolution Public Alpha Testserver!
If you have any question about the mod, please take a look in here first.

Please note that the mod is still in development, which means that changes are likely to happen resulting in a slightly outdated FAQ. We always try to keep the FAQ up to date.

What are the rules?
The full list of rules can be found here.

How do I drop ammo?
You have to be engineer and invested enough skillpoints in the engineer class to unlock the ammobox.
Once you have done that you can drop it by pressing 5 (default).

How do I drop health?
You have to be a medic and invested enough skillpoints in the medic class to unlock the medkit or the healing aura.
Once you have done that you can drop the medkit by pressing 5 (default), or use your aura by holding F (default).

How can I level up my class?
You can invest skill points in the class you want.

What are skillpoints and how do i use them?
Skill points are points gained when you level up, you can use them to upgrade a class. In order to do that, you have to press B (default) and then 1 to open up the skillpoint menu.

How do I level up?
Kill zombies and revive people.

How do I use my special
By holding F for 1 second or more while not using anything nearby (no revives, machines, turrets, shops).

What does my special do?
If you are an engineer, you get augmented turrets. This increases the firing speed of GL turrets and the amount of bullets a Sentry turret can shoot onto a single zombie.

If you are armored it will grand you a shield for a limited time that will absorb all damage.

If you are assassin you can fake your own death causing zombies not to target you no matter what you do for limited time.

If you are soldier you fire your weapons faster for a limited time.

If you are scout you are able to run faster for a limited time.

If you are a medic it will place a healing aura that sends out green orbs that heal people standing nearby.

how do I charge my special?
It depends on what class you are.

The special of armored charges when you kill zombies with a knife or your combat knife.

For medic and engineer your special charges when you heal / provide ammo to other people.

The special of the soldier charges when you kill zombies.

And so does the special of the scout.

The special of the assassin recharges over time.

Do some of the classes have a special treat?
Every class is different and has its own perks.
But if we talk about weapons,
The assassin has a special crossbow loaded with explosive arrows (which do not stick at this point).

The scout carries a monkey bomb (to fire it, press the special grenade button , default is 4). When you throw it zombies will be lured by it until it explodes.

When you are armored you bring your combat knife with you, press 5 to equip it and press V (knife button) to use it.

Is the mod bug free?
Not completely, but we are working on it.

What If I see someone glitching or cheating?
You can tell an admin if he is online or call for an admin on the forum or via Xfire -> Click me for list of xfire names.
Or you can make a report following this thread.

What if I found a bug in the mod?
  1. Before you report a bug, please take a look if your Bug is already known: http://puffyforum.com/index.php?page=Thr...readID=243
  2. If not, read HOW TO REPORT BUGS: http://puffyforum.com/index.php?page=Thr...readID=242
  3. Then you can report the Bug here: http://puffyforum.com/index.php?page=Thr...readID=243

I am not gaining XP in the server, why is that?
That is because at that moment the server is in debug mode, we do this to spot errors in the stuff we add to the mod.

Can I apply to be admin on the RotU-R Testserver?
Write an application here.

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