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I don't even know if this is possible or not, but anyway.

I think there would be a good thing to implement a system that can block a player from using a class if too many in the server are using it at the same time.

How would this help? It would increase the effectiveness of the team, for example if there was let's say, 5 Soldiers and 1 Medic, there would be no engineer to give the team ammo. And there is no need for that many Soldiers.
If this system was to exist already would those 5 Soldiers be 1 or 2 Soldiers instead, those other 3-4 Soldiers could be different classes and that would help the team.
It would reduce annoyance; I've found myself times where the team was full of Soldiers and nothing else, I asked the other players if they could switch class because I was getting tired of giving these players ammo all the time. But I got no response from my teammates, and in the end I was the one who switched class because they just continued begin for ammo all the time and no one switched.

Of course the system would allow more of the same class the more people joined. Here's an example hopefully making you understand a little better. 1 Assassin and 1 Medic, a player joins and tries to join as a Assassin, 2 Assassins and 1 Medic. A player joins and tries to join as a Assassin, the player get a massage of some sort telling him/her that they can't use that class. Player joins as a Engineer instead. 2 Assassins, 1 Medic and 1 Engineer. Then when more classes are put to use and all of those classes are getting more then 1, they can continue to have more people join that class.

This system would balance the team so it would be most effective, making it fun for everyone.

Thanks for your time.

Feel free to ask anything if you did not get what I meant.
A clear suggestion,

I have a little suggestion for the engineer class,
Is is possible to let the gun have a (lets say 5%) of not consuming ammo on shot (and perhaps add 1 ammo)?
Nice suggestions, guys. Will look into them.
Hello again, Like I said last time; I don't even know if this is possible or not.

A mode that make the game keep going after round 14. There should be a boss round every 7 rounds, after every boss round is done shops items cost more and zombies are harder.

This mode is not important but, could truly test the skills and teamwork between the players.
That would be a cool thing to do Rocking Rocking but like you said.. We dont know if it can be done.. I like me killing them bastards.. :hunt:
ACRG-90,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=4423#post4423 Wrote:We dont know if it can be done..
That's why I'm here Vain

It would be possible, but... yeah.... I think the majority of the players wants a positive moment, like an actual "win". The zombie waves scale up more and more, which means that you will have a 45 minute hell zombie wave. I guess your nerves will be wrecked by the music at this time.

Currently it is organized like this:
The serverowner can define the amount and type of a wave, and their chronological order. If a serverhoster would want to make it infinite.... he would just have to set a shitload of waves, because nobody will actually ever come this far.
This is the current setting:
// 0 = Normal, 1 = Dogs, 2 = Burning, 3 = Crawlers, 4 = Hell, 5 = Scary, 6 = Boss (to be changed), 7 = grouped Normal, ? = random special wave, 20 = Increase Shop Costs and Zombie Damage
set surv_waves "0;0;?;?;0;?;6;20;?;?;?;0;?;?;6"

Infinite shit:
set surv_waves "0;0;?;?;0;?;6;20;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6;?;?;?;0;?;?;6"
But was is not the case that the old wave 21 was not reached much , and for to many players the game became boring after the second boss?
That's why we "only" have 14 waves.
Hallo mates dropping off my shitty ideas here.

My opinion on the waves thing, why not at the last wave you currently have, you ask a question for the players like "Do you want to keep slaughtering zombies? Tell me how many more waves you want: 2,5,10".

2: First wave you could have a random zombie wave, and second Only-Boss, or All-in-one.

5: "Combinations" Inferno + Tank, Toxic + Dogs, Normal + Boss, Inferno + Dogs + Toxic + Normal/Tank, All-in-One

10: Just repeat again the first 10 initial waves, but with difficulty increased.

If that's not good, sorry, my brain is only working 1/3 right now.

Buff Dogs (I know their fast, that's good but... 3rd+ weapon 1 hit = death)

Nothing else i can remember right now

Bah Bye
People are too stupid to decide the way they want to play. Never trust players to be that communicative. They even don't understand how to damage the boss properly.

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