New Update Version / Ground Zero / Rotu R-
Hi New Updated Version

 Created by: C20Dragon
MOD - Rotu Revolution


Issues Fixed / New Updates:

New Updates:
- Use points to unlock new areas.
- Add a medic area around the Ambulance with a low heal over time.

Issues Fixed:
- Removed the Mounted Machine Guns that allow Assassin class to shoot without being attacked.
- Players found a way to use the raygun to jump on trash can, garbage bin then player clip and out. 
Been testing the past few week and everything should be fine. Let me know if you run into any issues.
 Enjoy!!! Minigun
Last update:
I made the map a bit bigger. So players can run around / escape zombies.
I also added akimbo / duel Thompson. With a little help from Eagle. Thanks man.

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