Needed help,Skill point and level
I need help.
I managed to run the server on the call of duty 4 V1.0 r alpha 0.7 Everything works  well.
The problem is that when the game ends the game resets the level,and they always start from the beginning (level 1)
Another problem is Skill point. In the game the number of skill increases,
When I go to use them B + 1 numbers are reduced of skill  but they do not work.Always have a locked icon with a catheter.
I would pray if anyone can help me with what I need to modify,
because I'm not so good at programming.
Thank you
Please try updating the CoD4 Server to at least 1.7.
Thanks for quick response.
I tested with version 1.7 as you told me. Works perfectly Biggrin .But with server 1.7. In version 1.0 I have players who play,and there is no revolution in that version,so they are interesting to play.Please if you have any advice on what I could modify,at least to try to solve this problem.Any kind of advice is welcome because I really have no idea what I should do.
Thank you in advance
Sorry, but we do not support any versions below 1.7
Thanks in any case for help.if I find some solution I'll let you know.
Sincere greeting

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