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Hi !

Actually I'm searching the source of any ROTU which work because the project source which is realease on ROTUR the zombies don't spawn. 
I need it to make a private server just for me and my team and no more. 
I can pay !

Contact me in private message.

Thanks in advance !
The zombies do spawn in the latest sources.

You can download working versions of the mod here (without the sources)

Thanks for your offer to provide payment, but this project is non-profit and we sadly don't have the time to provide support for self-compiled versions.

If you want to run the "latest" version:
Join our Testserver on, download all files (mod.ff and the .iwd files), then download the sources and move the /scripts and /maps folder into the mod folder rotu-r-test with the config files. In the end it looks something like this:

Once you have all the files, follow the remaining instructions just like here:
Good Luk! a small query, download the code that published the version 1.0, but I have problems, the files were not uploaded at all, when buying weapons I get a weapon, or update the weapon and leaves me without a weapon, I guess for the lack of files , and some weapons appears in FX form, I hope they can upload the missing files, the rest works perfect! regards!
Hello there JEENNN,

version 1.0 is NOT finished and still buggy in many places. We've published the files to encourage development of version 1.0. For recommended versions, please refer to
between the version of tees that have working and is perfect my only drawback are the weapons? Where could I go down? what they used in that release version? This really good congratulations! and a greetings!

I really do not understand why the error of the weapons that does not appear, being that I compile everything well, the zombies and everything appears without any problem, only the weapons are the little drama and in its test server version 1.0 it works perfect
The test server has some weapon-order tweaks which are currently not filled into the corresponding .cfg file where they are configured. Since they are by no means final, we haven't adjusted the configs at this point. We highly discourage running the 1.0 files and expecting a working mod.
ok, greetings!

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