Since im not online for 2 months i wanna be removed from admin assistant position. I dont see a purpose and i wanna be an ordinary gamer again. Maybe ill come back few time to slain some zombies and witness some changes perhaps. I want u to take care of yourselves and improve this community and yourselves as human beings and try something new with Luk and Eagle. Until then, have fun ya all and stay awesome

Pozdrav Cool
sad but true Sad
see you around bro
enjoy Thumbsup
Sad Sad Postman
sad to see you go bro but i understand Smile have fun
noo Sad Sad
Cheers Postman, thanks for helping us out all this time! Take care, you'll always be welcome here Smile Hope to hear from you some time Smile
I will be on forum and stay tuned Smile
If u wanna chat u know where i am Smile
Marcel we are still here brate.
You know where to fiind us and me personally I want to thank you for all the help that you giving to us.
I wish you all the best bro and come back front time to time
You will be missed here post, hope everything turns well for you Smile
Ill be fine, u guys stay fine too Smile
Ill get the computer fixed today maybe so ill come back for some action Minigun

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