Empty server list and being unable to join a server
Okay, so, this is quite unusual.. It's the first time this happened to me and I am really puzzled and sure could use some help.

Alright, to the main point: A few days ago, when I started up Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer and went to the "Join Server" tab, I expected to find all my Favorites in there (since I join mostly my favorite servers), but I only found 4 or 5 of them. I said "Well okay I guess.. Have to refresh". Refreshed once, twice and many more times but I could see 5 - 10 (MAX) out of the 30 servers I have in total (the rest would only show up as white addresses with the last maps etc etc.. which in a few words means that are not-joinable). And the weird thing is.. It weren't the same servers each time, but different ones would come up. For example the first time it was RotU-R (our server), alongisde our World at War server and the Snowball server, and then a couple TDM servers and a KtK server. After the first refresh I had 6 other servers that were TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy. And after the second refresh I had some other servers. After the third refresh I had the ones I had in the beginning and then it went like some sort of loop.. But still I could see one or two different servers each time.

This went on for about three or four days, but today, I went to the "Join Server" tab and I couldn't find any server. Every single one of my favorites would appear as "white and non-joinable", and at the Internet servers, when I press refresh, it will search but no servers at all will appear. Which is, in itself, really strange. And even if I try to connect through the console of the game, it will just go on with the "Awaiting gamestate" thing and not connect.

Now, I thought of re-installing my game, but that would mean losing every progress I've done so far to any mod and gamemode, so I'll try to avoid that if possible, and I've also thought of re-patching my game with the 1.7 patch (I'll surely find one on the Internet). But I just wanted to ask you guys first to see if you've encountered anything like this before, and if you have a solution different than the ones I thought of.

Thanks in advance,
Well.. Problem continues. Anyone that might have an idea on what to do? Should I just proceed with reinstalling (or repatching first) or are there any other possible solutions?
do you have any other (newer) patches on CoD installed? Did you recently join a new modded server?
That is a CoD4X 1.8 client and serverside bug as well, we're working on it.
I avoided the CoD4X 1.8 patch for a long time, and still have not re-installed the damned thing. When I first installed it, my game crashed many times and sometimes I was forced to restart my computer. Annoyed me too much so I uninstalled it..

As for joining *new* modded servers.. Well, I don't know about new, but I've been playing mostly KtK the last few days I came back to CoD4, and some TDM and SnD. I tried to join TDM servers that had the 1.8 patch though.. It asked me to install the patch but I always said abort and was just disconnecting from the servers. It opened a different window when it tried to join, like I had a different game opened (with different ranks and all that). I don't know.. I patched the game with the 1.7 patch but still nothing happened. I'll search in my game directory to see if CoD4X 1.8 is there, and if it is I'll try to uninstall it once more. But in my game menu it clearly says 1.7.568.

If I do have 1.8 then it must be the bug Alex mentioned. I'll check it out and I'll let you know.


EDIT: Okay, so, shit just got a lot weirder.. I cannot join *any* servers in: CoD4, CoD MW3, BF3, BF BC2, CoD BO.

The only game that I was able to play in Multiplayer was freaking Minecraft.

What the hell is happening with my system? It's not like I can't connect to the internet (well, I am writing these things right now..). I can connect just fine but in the games I get errors all the time. I don't know wtf man.. Now I begin to think I need to reboot Windows and start from scratch with it. I'm gonna scan for viruses but I don't think that that would be the case.

Has any of you encoutered this kind of thing before?
it sounds like it might be a problem with your internet connection, I'm guessing it could be your router.
Well.. I thought about it but it did not make sense.. My download speed is normal and I can connect to the internet just fine. Why would my games be any different? If it was my router and my connection I shouldn't be able to even watch a single youtube video.
My friend had similar problem couldn't connect to any bf3 server, other games worked fine... After a lot of research on net only thing we could find is that his internet provider somehow blocked ports used for bf3 server... I know it'a long shoot in the dark but you might want to call them and ask them about that?
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I am gonna check it out. Thanks Smile

EDIT: Problem is fixed, I don't know how though.. I just managed to find servers and join them, both in CoD and in other games. I checked some things in my Firewall, so maybe something was up in there. Still, it's good now.
For the future, Save the folder (players) and file (servercache) as well as the key you use in the game to another drive. And you can safely delete the game and reinstall Windows. Tongue

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