Need Help Guys
Dear team of SOG,
i have sent an email earlier but i think you have not received yet.
i have an issue kindly help me to resolve it.
i am a hoster and i want to host rotu zombie server.whenever i upload mode and run server,it run perfectly but when a member join the server it shows a message, kicked by scripted admin after 5 second.kindly solve my problem.

set game_lan_mode 1

in the rotu.cfg
dear team,
thank you for your help.i have tried that and now server is running well.
i just need a little more information that if i want to restore levels of any player or i have to give levels how will i do that?
Kindly tell me how to reduce or ass time in medi kit or ammo Box plz
To give players levels, you need to use the rcon feature. I suspect you know how to use it, if not, feel free to tell us.

First you need to get the player-number of the player. To do that, use the command "rcon status". This will list all players that are currently connected. On the left side will be the number of the player.

You might see something like this:
num score ping guid                             name            lastmsg address                                              qport rate
--- ----- ---- -------------------------------- --------------- ------- ---------------------------------------------------- ----- -----
36 53936   49 00000000234242523452342322222 Ches^7                  0                                      25082 25000
37 37133  107 000000005327de23423423424c341 -Shocker-^7             0                                      48744 25000
38 42351   65 00000000d0223424362349f4c2222 -ONCOLOG-^7             0                                       3255 25000
39 44357   78 23623465532146234513451345111 MP_XuRReTiN^7           0                                       8034 25000

To change the rank of the player ONCOLOG to 50, you will have to use the command "rcon setrank 38&50" where 38 is the player's ID and 50 the rank he should get. The & is the separator for the command, it must not be missed.

If you want to give him prestige level 32, you will have to use the command "rcon setprestige 38&32".

I hope this is enough info for you. If not, don't hesitate to ask Smile
thanks sir kindly tell me how to reduce mide kit aur ammo box time
There currently is no config setting to change the time of boxes/abilities, sorry.
Thanks U so Much today i launch the server kindly visit in my server plz Smile
You can post your IP in this forum:

dear admin,
kindly let me know maximum level of difficulty in game.and tell me the setting from where it can be adjust. this is ip of our server kindly visit it once we will be grateful . Smile kindly let me know how to minimize zombie kill score and how to maximize the amount of big joint zombie.
waiting for your reply
Dear Sir I m waiting for reply Sad

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