rotu on cod4x 1.8 error
I hope so Biggrin

Anyway, they can't demand a tested mod version to be published while it has bugs etc. that we're trying to fix. I just don't like the feeling of control they would have over us.

EDIT: I've just opened the scripts and source files... and it's a mess. 3aGl3 and me have worked on a future update that broke the whole weapon system. And to get back to what we actually wanted to do would take long. I'm afraid to say that there will be no update. Crying
Nononononooooo, don't say that, i will be start killing myself! Biggrin Take care, keep calm, you can do it guys. I belive you! Smile
Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=17176#post17176 Wrote:I'm afraid to say that there will be no update.
dude as i figured out you guys are here for a loooong period of time taking effort to bring more fun ingame (without any profit besides players satisfaction)
tnx for that past work bro
Yeah, the changes inside the mod go back as far as 2010 I think.

Real life just takes so much time and then I'm happy to relax and play some stuff. 3aGl3 also has his duties.

All I can say is "maybe". This is all based on motivation. And since I'm not playing any CoD4, haven't looked at the code for about 2 years and the playerbase is constantly shrinking... You get the point. But I'm glad you guys still have so much fun with it ♥ Smile
I have done about 5000 hours included the old rotu2.2 and rotu1.15 versions before the rotu-rev came out. since is released as an alpha i'm started playing and hosting it as well. Smile
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Hmm Wizard
Yey Biggrin I'm super excited Biggrin
Up! Any news @Luk?
Thanks man

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