Less active sorry
Hi. I am sorry that i'm less active lately, but it's christmas and new year time so i have less time.
I also got myself a girlfriend (sorry Lorena Laughing ) so she also takes most of my time after work and everything else.
But i'll try to be active as much as i can. Thumbsup
it's ok Trikx, private life is more important than playing games Thumbsup
that doesn't make you less awesome
I agree with @postman +1 Thumbup
same here----much working and Free time I spend with family

PS: Trikx ( same here,,,spend free time with my friend Whistling sorry trikx Laughing ,,but love you too Trikx Love

ahh and Happy new Year all Love
Poor Lore ......come if you can ...........Smouackkkkkkkkkk Thumbsup
Me again. I am really sorry for not being active much. Lot has happened in my life lately so i really don't have the time.
Just to let you know, i am going to become a father and getting married soon! Thumbsup
Promise i'll come and play whenever i get some free time! Love you all Love
Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
I wish you all the best dude...to you and to your new family.
Enjoy in life and visit us here sometimes (you won't have much "spare" time Wink )
Congratulations TrikX! I hope all is well for you and your family, and that you'll have a strong and healthy child! Thumbup

Congrats again, mate! Wink
Congratulations. I wish you all good in life. Thumbsup
P. S. I'm sorry I could not stop myself. Rolleyes
[spoiler] [Image: married-people1.jpg] [/spoiler]
yo bro, great news Thumbsup

God bless you and your family TrikX Biggrin

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