ROTU-R server admin application
Your real life name: Denis

Steam name: denomajstor

In-game nickname: TrikX

Native country: Croatia

Age and date of birth: 30 years old - 14.01.1986

I've never applied for admin

Time i can spend online daily: 3-4 hours

How did i find you: Google Laughing

Have you ever been an admin before (if yes where and for how long):
Explicit Bouncers Clan (eBc) for about 5 years

Tell us something that encourages us to take you as an admin:
Well, you already know me so no need for this, but if you insist i love Lorena so take me in hahahaha! Laughing

Were you recommended by an established Assistant/Admin? If yes, tell us more about it:
I think Lorena and Doome told me before to apply, but i didn't cause i was in an other clan, now i ain't anymore so i can help you ppl here!

Thanks for your time and kids, don't do drugs xD
TY 4 your application , we will resolve your case in 2-3 days .

PS: I ask you here in Clan for Admin Tongue Rolleyes Love
Yeah, i remember you, Doome and me were on TS before and someone mentioned it but couldn't remember who! hehe! Tongue Love
And Thank You Lorena Thumbup
Congratz...your application have been Accepted
Congratz and welcome in our Adminteam Thumbsup
Thank you very much! Love Thumbsup
When is my trial ending?
[Image: patience.jpg]
Laughing Laughing
Oh, i got patience Laughing

[Image: Funny-life-quotes.jpg]
Patient, Patient Trikx Tongue Love

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