ROTU-R mod, a better understanding (Strategies, Tips & Tricks)
ROTU-R mod, a better understanding (Strategies, Tips & Tricks)

First of all ROTU-R is not a free for all match it's all about team work. If you don’t get this don't waste your time on reading Wink
These guide lines are far from being complete, but they can help you understand the mod and make your game experience much better.

Group VS Scattered strategy:
In this section I’ll explain the benefits and flaws of each strategy, because they don’t work for all maps.

Group strategy:
All players stay in close range of each other or in the same spot.

  • Med kits and ammo can be shared instantly with all players.
  • Reviving is much easier.
  • Works on most of the maps.
  • Best applied with your backed against a wall, which focus firing in one direction and no zombies attack from the rear.
  • Crawlers:
In crawlers’ wave, staying in group will attract all crawlers to the same spot, and this is when they become a real threat. Crawlers are low on the ground so most likely they will be out of view when close to players. When crawlers are killed they sometimes spread green smoke which disorients players, so staying in the same spot will make all players disoriented at the same time and they won’t be able to aim and shoot. Finally keep in mind that crawlers don’t have spawn points they can spawn anywhere, so you might be protecting each other’s backs feeling comfy until a crawler spawns in the middle of the crowd and start have you all for lunch.
  • Inferno zombies:
Two words “THEY EXPLODE”, when shooting them down. Need to say more? If you can shoot them from far range then good, if you can’t then run. 1 or 2 infernos can wipe the whole team out when they explode, except if there is a lot of healing power from medics to keep up with the injuries dealt from explosions, and even though it won’t last for long. So yes most of the time staying in group is bad decision when killing infernos.

Scattered strategy:
Players are scattered all over the map.

  • Scattered players mean scattered zombies, so most of the time each player will be dealing with an average of 3 zombies at the time.
  • Even when players are down it will be easy to revive them.
  • Very effective when dealing with crawlers and infernos.
  • Medics and engineers have to choose wisely where to drop med kits and ammo, especially engineers since they only have one ammo box.
  • In advanced waves it might be hard to revive players who fall down.
  • Not a good strategy at all in small maps, chances are better if you stay in a group.
Both strategies have their benefits and flaws, so these guide lines only put things in perspective for a better understanding. It’s really up to the player’s skills and experience to decide which strategy to go with. Even in group formation the skills of players and the map being played determines how tight the group should be.

Tips & Tricks:

Crawlers’ wave and scary wave:
Crawlers’ wave is the wave with crawlers only spawning everywhere. Scary wave is when the lights go off and you start shooting in the dark. Using claymores is a very effective method; a claymore can kill a bunch of crawlers or zombies in a single hit.

  • Medics can revive faster than other classes and they have a guarding shield that takes half the damage inflicted by zombies, so it’s better not to take risks and leave it to the medics. Armor and Assassin class comes in second after medics when it comes to reviving. They don’t revive as fast, but their special ability can come in handy when reviving by making Armor invincible and Assassin invisible when in stealth mode. Last but not least comes the scout, scouts shares the same strategy like Armor and Assassins by throwing a monkey bomb not far away from the fallen team mates to distract the zombies long enough to revive them. In any case close by players should protect revivers, and medics can drop med kits by revivers to buy them some time. As for scout they can use their monkey bomb to distract zombies from revivers.
  • When playing in maps with structures it’s better to fall beside walls, so other players can revive from the other side of the wall without getting trapped inside.
  • When you fall save at least the last clip in your gun to cover your team mates when they revive you.
  • Another common mistake happens when players shoot inferno zombies attacking revivers. Well spare your bullets and don’t shoot them, if they die they will explode killing the reviver in the process.
  • Last but not least when reviving, try to go for medics first if possible.

Ammo refill when you have full clip:
Engineers fill their special ability by giving ammo to their team mates. So if you have a full clip and an ammo box is dropped shoot a few rounds to refill your ammo and benefit the engineer to refill his special ability.

Dropping med kits and ammo boxes:
If you are a medic try not to drop a med kit when there is one dropped already, or don’t drop both your med kits at the same time if not necessary. Trust me you will need them later. Same goes for engineers, if an ammo box is already there save yours for later.

When facing a big number of zombies:
Let the medics take the front line; Medics generate their health by shooting at zombies so when getting hit their health is generated instantly and they can come out of a crowd of zombies unscratched. Second in line come the soldiers, although their health generates slowly, soldiers have a high fire rate and they can reload faster than anyone else.

Scouts are very effective in long range shots. Don’t underestimate this class just because they are not there beside you shooting. Every single player or reviver was saved several times by a sniper shot that killed a zombie attacking him from the rear without even knowing it.

Assassins will always be last resort for the team when it comes to last man standing. Since they can be stealth, an assassin can drive zombies far from fallen team mates and rush back to revive them.
Another successful technique for assassins is to drop few C4s in a certain spot. When in stealth mode zombies follow assassins but they don’t attack them. An assassin can drive a group of zombies to an early laid C4s, run away a blow them all in to pieces in a nick of time.
If you are an assassin and you have exploding head arrows, use them especially with crawlers. They might not get you much kills every time but they definitely hurt and cost every zombie in range half their health at the least.

The tech guys. Engineers are not only about ammo supplies. Due to their ability to augment their turrets and Gls, if placed wisely can be fatal in winning maps. They shoot faster and stay longer in the map killing or weakening every thing that moves into their range of fire.
An engineer is a well prepared class with lots of fire power, but when backed up with medics securing his health, he turns into a loose cannon with his shotgun.
So yes, usually engineers and medics are the perfect couple.

Last man standing:
If you are the last player and you know what you are doing then give it a shot and try to finish the wave by yourself and don’t take risky chances by trying to revive your team mates especially if you are not a medic, armor, assassin or a scout with a monkey bomb (refer to reviving section). If you are not sure then you can take the safe route. Try to lead the zombies away from your team mates as far as possible and rush back to revive one of them. Once a team mate is revived one should continue reviving and the other should cover him or at least make the zombies chase him instead. Needless to say if one of them is a medic then DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REVIVE let the medic do it, you are more useful shooting zombies and covering his back.
As for the fallen team mates, if the last man standing is trying to finish the wave then shoot and help him out, even knifing the passing by zombies will help. But if the last man standing is leading the zombies away, then hold your horses and don’t shoot… Yep you are not helping; instead let them pass because every wave has a maximum number of spawned zombies at the same time. So, when you kill them others spawn from their original spawn points and the cycle starts all over again.
If the last man standing is an assassin using his knife, might as well stand over a group of fallen team mates so they can lend you a hand knifing zombies, BUT be careful of infernos, like I said “THEY EXPLODE”.
One last thing, if you are the last man standing try to run through fallen team mates, because as helpless as they may seem, zombies will follow you and they can knife them. This will kill some of them or at the least weaken them and make your job a lot easier.

When being down:
When you are down you call for medic…obviously!! But don’t spam the place with your S.O.S. texting. Believe it or not everyone can see you are down, you are the red blinking “!” on the mini map. Calling out for help outrageously and especially in advanced waves distracts the other players and one of them might try to revive you and ends up in the VIP lounge beside you. So call for a medic to grab attention but don’t overdo it… If they can they will revive you.
In some helpless situations you might consider going to spectating and join back in, hoping you can rejoin before all your team mates are down.

Shooting rhythm:
In many situations reloading your weapon means you’re doomed. So in order to avoid this, keep an eye on your team mates. When they reload their weapons and start shooting you can safely reload yours and vice versa. This way the team can keep a constant fire rate with minimum damage.

Keep in mind that some weapons like the UZI takes time when reloading. As the player inserts another magazine and tap it in. If you reload before your ammo reaches 0, you will insert another magazine without tapping it in, which will enable you to reload faster. This might not seem important, but when hell breaks loose it will mean your survival.

Clay more and C4 combo:
Clay mores detect movement and explode, but when dealing with tough zombies like hell zombies you will need a stronger explosion. So either you place two clay mores at the time which will give you 5 spots since you can place 10 of them at the time or you can place a C4 beside the clay more for a deadly combo. The clay more will detect movement and explode triggering off the C4 with it and vise versa. This way you will have a bigger explosion and preserve your 10 spots at the same time. Another benefit of this combo is that you can use the C4 trigger to set them all off at the same time if you need to.

Responsibilities and ethics:
There are no abiding laws for this except the one we call “ethics”!!

Always remember that your team mates are depending on you for ammo. Don’t throw ammo for yourself to refill yours only, instead go to the crowd and give ammo for them. If you are a saint you can notify them before throwing the ammo box. Believe me, after a few waves they will all have upgrade points more than they can spend, and by then you will be using your ammo for making bullet key chains!!

Your first TEN responsibilities is the welfare of the team. YOU ARE NOT THE CHOSEN ONE!! You are supposed to keep them alive and shooting. A good medic keeps his eye on the mini map for fallen team mates, the red crosses and the green biological hazards upon their heads . Medics should also anticipate closing in zombie groups and throw in a med kit or place their healing aura before they hit.

Scout's monkey bomb:
When a scout deploys a monkey bomb be a good sport and don't shoot at the zombies gathering around it. He waited along time for it and it's not your trophy to collect. Sometimes scouts also use monkey bomb to buy time for their team mates to revive fallen ones, but instead they start shooting at zombies gathering around it and forget all about their team mates!

The 3 players rule in rejoining the game:
When you are in the middle of a wave, going to spectating and joining back in will put you in a queue and you will wait for a while before you are spawned. But if there is 3 or less players, doing so will spawn you instantly in the field. The mod was made this way to help players, as it's sometimes hard for 3 players to survive (specifically in small maps) and when a player falls down it's hard to revive.
Holy everything Slay, one hell of an explication Hail Respect

It should be pinned in Portal page, so that all people can see it Biggrin

EDIT: a little addition to Assassin: The explosive Crossbow is a nice way to "peel" and minimize zombies health, so that your teammates can take them down easily. Its grenades have a wide range, but it can damage your teammates in inferno waves because of explosions.
very nicely done SLAYER , gaylord approves
bro slay niceeeeeee Thumbsup Thumbsup
i agree with volsung, this should "stick" somewhere visible

Little about engineer (i know something little about that class), crawlers are great for engineers because they gas doesn't effect on engineers.
So if you are engineer always look on/guard medic while under green gas, put some claymores around him and keep an' eye on him for that few seconds to pass the gas.
And about sentry/gl...put them on spot where they will cut some health from zombi (not kill him), because than is far easier for rest of the team to finish the job (and get nice ks), and assists is nice bonus to engineers.
Assassins and engineers added Thumbsup
nice one Slayer !!!! Thumbsup Respect
Finally, I know how to play. Tongue My life made sense. Okay, just kidding themselves. So seriously, you have done a good job. New players will always return to read this post. Once again, a huge thanks. Thumbup

[Image: 201504_1201_eeeag_sm.jpg]
Jesus, I haven't had the time to read through all of it, but man. You earned this one for sure: Respect
very good job bro... Thumbup Respect

This thing should stick somewhere on front page so that every newcomers can grab it easily and take the pleasure of this MOD from the very beginning...
Im sorry , Slayer, but the Assasins part might need an update Dancing
I call it the Pythagoras-Kill (in my delusions of grandeur).

Its the good old " Fire in the ground with Crossbow and lure them there" - Tactic, but perfected to give at least 5- 8 Kills per 2 shots ( depending on type of zombies.)

Its EASY to exlpain , but i made a horribly confusing graphic of it for all of you. Confused


edit: the real triangele is much smaller of course...

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