CoD4 Comeback
Greetings yall! Smile

I would like to share this project which tries to make a big comeback of CoD4. If this is does not agree with your rules, then please delete the link:

This may be a great opportunity and is IMO worth sharing.

Sorry for not being that active lately since I have a new full-time job with a 90min way to and from work. Hope you guys are well and am looking forward to your opinions.


I can totally understand that this is something very interesting and I would also love to see it happen. However, and I don't want to destroy your dreams here, I hope you do realize that the name Call of Duty is trademarked and I'm sure that no matter how much support you can get or how much funds you can raise...Activision will not let it happen, just look at AIWNet and similar projects. I also do not see why you would want matchmaking, it's the WORST thing publishers have forced us PC gamers to use.
well im pretty sure that Trademark could be bought or rented the right to represent...but i dont think that 30 k is gonna cut it Sad
Please understand that this project is in not from me nor in any association with me or my community.

I just spread the word in order to see how much support one can accomplish with this and see, if this really is going to be brought to life.

The one who created this will probably thought about the publishing rights of Activition.
I'd honestly love the idea I just think it's very doubtful. Non the less I will keep an eye on it, thnk you for the infos Smile
Everybody shares it, but nobody reads it. Punish
Quote:This is project different, the actual playing of the game will be done
on a mod that has been tweaked and changed within the limits of the mod
tools and engine given to us by Activision.

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