Rotu-Revolution Admin ()(8 Application
Your real life name:

Subhankar Biswas

Your Overwolfe or Steam name:

Steam: caderyn00

Your in-game nickname:


Your native country:


Your age and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):


Did you apply in the past 4 weeks:

Nope Cool

How much time can you spend online daily:

Not much Laughingcause I'm addicted to COD RespectMinigunand have 167.08 hrs (till now as per Gametracker within 47 days holding 6th rank) on Rotu server.

How did you find us:

On Gametracker while i was searching for Rotu servers

Have you ever been an admin before (if yes where and for how long):

Forgot about the past historyUnsure, but was Senior admin (Level 80) on $P$ server (Indian COD4 promod server) lastly.

Tell us something that encourages us to take you as an admin:

The fact is why we need an admin on server, because there are some Evilwho try to be PRO Nukein game but they can't with their own skills and uses shits like WH/Script/Aimbot/Name-changerBanana ,to be on top or become famous among others. So this is like what i feel from my prospectus being an admin and also a player with 6yrs of COD gaming life Fishy .

And about a community, if we want to run a clan/group then first of all we should Respect each other and be mature for making decisions. So admins are primarily responsible Punishto maintain this thing. And yes also should get the co-operation from other members as-well.

I think you got my point now. Cool if no Minigun

TY 4 your application , we will resolve your case in 2-3 days

i have installed steam, id : caderyn00 (profile pic = same as here)
Please contact Puffy or Luk for your admin rights.

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