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- Luk - 19.11.2013

Sure, Windows.

- [PF]OMGitsJMD - 20.11.2013

noticed you hove made blast radius of inferno zombies larger they were OP at first now its worse

- [PF]ACRG-90 - 20.11.2013

OMGitsJMD that's what makes it more fun.. you know.. the hard it is the funner it will be.. I mean like do you like to play on rotu knowing that its a piece of cake to beat ?????.. wouldn't you like for the zombies to put up a challenge??????? Thumbsup

- Luk - 20.11.2013

The radius of the inferno (fully burning) zombies has stayed the same. Only the napalm (belly-glowing) zombies have an increased explosion radius, because the previous one was even small enough to not damage you when you almost stood next to him.

- [PF]OMGitsJMD - 20.11.2013

yea i enjoy the challenge Tongue

- Puffy - 22.11.2013

Ok...i have idea....can there be let's say for example script that can be adjusted that after let's say wave 6 or 7 there would be script that after all costs go up that can randomize the zombies effects too,let's say :

Example wave 1: dog(or wolf) wave wont be just dog wave,it will be helldogs....would be slighter faster,they would be burning(like inferno zombies) and have increased health,and announce of the wave should be sound from BO1 that says:"Fetch me their souls"

Example wave 2: Hellknights-all running and when dying exploding,

Example wave 3: "normal zombies"(more than 70 % runs) , i remember you have been working on electric dogs,dont know if you have done with that effect but to give them that effect, so when they would come near radius of few meters of players they would shock the player( while running to the player,lightning would just strike the player,so it is no matter if lightning shows in near player if he is in that radius you get shocked), (every 10 sec there is a chance of electric discharge from zombie)) stun effect can be same as when scary wave starts(blurry and slow)

Example wave 4: crawlers those buggers are allready strong,so slightly lower their health and make that after 2 bullets can cause that they catch fire,but all die with a smoke,

Example wave 5: grouped zombies: here and there some inferno zombie,some crawler,hellknight(improved),hellhound and boss(depends on size of zombies and players they can be 2 per 400 zombies.3 per 650...just for shooting(giving him great health)......e

Example wave 6: scary wave: give them more health,(90 % runners) when they die,with the last bullet instead when you hit them they fall and burst in flame for a sec or two(like their flame is living them,since they have lets say fire eyes when we see them in dark)...(similar how you did for headshot,but instead all parts comes flame no matter in what part you hit them before they go down)

This is just part of idea...

The Challenge is on! - Headlice - 11.12.2013

Nuke To all of my brothers throughout the world. Puffy has gone to great expense and effort to put together some kick ass servers for us. Fun Server, Hide and Seek, and of course ROTU - REVOLUTION.
It is rare to see anyone on Hide and Seek or on the Fun Server. I would like to challenge the administrators for those two servers to put together a few Battle Royals. You can do it. Pick a few days and select some time that doesn't interfere with my drinkling time and I will be there. The winners get bragging rights. BRING IT ON!!!!! Nuke

- [PF]ACRG-90 - 11.12.2013

Mhmhmmm seen like a good challenge for them Biggrin.. Hope they accept it.. Thumbup

- Puffy - 11.12.2013

Going to bring up my weapons from basement and clean it up for are on :;;:

- Krav - 11.12.2013

Very well Tongue we've got the place, now give me a time and a date!! :hunt: