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- Luk - 18.11.2013

Is that better?
[spoiler=16:9][Image: shot04684lsz9.jpg][/spoiler]
[spoiler=4:3][Image: shot0469b6shm.jpg][/spoiler]
[spoiler=16:10][Image: shot0470lqsfi.jpg][/spoiler]

- Kifla - 18.11.2013

for me it seems to be on the same place as before xD (we are looking at that prestige skull icon right?

- Luk - 18.11.2013

We are looking at the "Prestige Ready!" xD The skull was there the whole time, lol.

- Kifla - 18.11.2013

whoops my bad xD I was too busy killing zombies last time I have played so I didn't notice that skull xD anyway placement is good now xD

- Я-Wim-R - 18.11.2013

The fails people make here are entertaining

yea - [PF]OMGitsJMD - 18.11.2013

Yeah thanks Luk. That looks good there thanks will help alot of us out Biggrin

- [PF]ACRG-90 - 18.11.2013

Still betting people wont notice that there that and will forget to prestige lol.. Cool

- mielisback - 19.11.2013

hello guys, maybe u could add some new zombies of the all the new maps of bo and bo2 like we mist some of them and it would be harder of there would be more bosses

if you dont understand what im saying than its my bad english. but i'll give u the zoms. we have the annoying boss from 'five' the map with that creapy doctor that steals your gun, if u cant let him do that than maybe let it steal something else or make it real damage full. we have the wind zombie from shangri la and the zombie monkey's from ascension and shangri la. i havent played all the maps of bo2 but there are realy cool zombies out there and its getting boring to win that easy in the rotu. other ideas i have are spit zombies ( i hope it speaks for it self) and the elektronic zombies that give damage when getting close.

other idea is maybe to let the zombies drop stuff like max ammo, sale, insta kill, kaboom, and other stuff like more money or nades and stuff. i have more ideas and shit of zombies and bosses but i think these ideas are allready impossible Squint

Thumbsup by mr miel i hope it you can read this stuff

- Luk - 19.11.2013

Adding new zombies fills up the mod.ff. Linux servers have a limit of about 55MB for mod.ff + mapname.ff. With our current amount of zombies it is already impossible to play maps like mp_fnrp_circus which is one reason why we will have to replace existing zombies for new ones, causing the variety of normal zombies to drop.

Insta Kill, max ammo etc. do not fit the playstyle of RotU. RotU is meant to be a survival mode where team-effort makes you survive all waves. Also the engine of CoD4 limits the possibilities which makes it rather impossible to make the zombies spawn faster or keep more of them on the map, which would be a requirement to use Insta Kill etc. as it reduces the difficulty.
I'm not trying to convert Black Ops to CoD4, I'm trying to make a fun survival zombie shooter.

- Я-Wim-R - 19.11.2013

Sorry to ask this but, is it possible to let the server run on a diffrent thing than linux?