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- PostaR94 - 30.12.2017

I dont think skorpion is a good choice due to its inability to reload cancel, mp5 or mp7 are better choices, also dragunov should be replaced with m21

Give us barrett plz u know ppl want it Biggrin

- HOSCAKAL - 30.12.2017

1-engineer pistol is updated
it would be nice if the last weapon was m4.

2- It would also be nice to upload new and smaller maps.

3- How about the 3rd wave coming in a big giant (boss)?

small reminder new but small maps needed

- Luk - 30.12.2017

Okay, just a small reminder:

What we're looking for are mod-related changes for all servers, not only ours. The weapons are already in the to-do list. What we're looking for are class ability suggestions.

Hope that clears it up a bit Thumbsup

About the maps issue: We have maps that can be tested.

- HOSCAKAL - 03.01.2018

New map
new gunsweaponry

- IveMESTAR - 14.01.2018

my opinion about "known" classes:

soldier "deserve" gas immunity, he has the weakest (not much of use) special
assasin needs some "work" (first with current too weak weaponary)
engineer and medics don't need anything

i'm not familiar with other classes

eidt: after few weeks "with soldier", i see great special capability, but that gas....

- [EGY]SLAYER - 14.01.2018

well regarding the soldier's special I think it's quit good but on the other hand the scout's ability.... now that is useless Huh

RE: Post your suggestions - Omarado - 07.05.2018

1- I suggest adding a random weapon box same as the one in Cod Black ops 2 zombies , gives you a random weapon.

2- also I suggest if we can have a vote to enable Grief mode (same as the one in cod black ops 2 zombies) in this mode survivors are split into 2 teams
a survivor can't revive another survivor on the other team , both teams can attack each other but they can't damage each other
for example if i shoot a survivor on the other team they get dazzled (like when you walk into the crawler gas) and there's a cooldown on the dazzle like you can't just keep shooting the guy to get him killed , you would for example have to wait for 10~20 seconds before you can dazzle the same player again (the CD for all players which means your teammates also can't dazzle the player even if they didn't attack him at first)

Winner team is the team that survives to the end and has the score advantage OR make it that if both teams make it to the end then it switches to a team death math no respawning (reviving still works) and winner team is the team that kills all the other players ofc , also rader is permanently on at this point.

make maps which support Grief a bit larger so that they can support 2 teams.

idk if all that is possible in CoD4 but I thought i would give it a try Tongue

RE: Post your suggestions - lsa7723 - 20.09.2018

1. random weapon box

2. give engineer special ability to throw 2 ammo bags that stay for longer time and/or have faster ammo refill rate than regular ammo bag. or special ability that make 4 regular ammo bags drop from the sky after you throw a flare or flash bang.

3. insta-kill special ability but when you activate it, it gives you a random weapon to use. maybe a pistol, shotgun, m14, or sniper rifle. don't know which class should use it but sounds like a good idea for special ability.

4. unlimited ammo/no reload special ability that last X seconds. maybe 15 seconds?