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- IveMESTAR - 02.02.2016

Yes...that" random" is problem, particulary on "higher" waves where all players are "strong" and inferno or helldounds come, than boring time begins Wink
And "we old ones" played two maps in a row, and most of "old" players agree it's not good as before.
But again, this is my opinon, you should wait for other....

- Puffy - 02.02.2016

Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=4425#post4425 Wrote:This is the current setting:
// 0 = Normal, 1 = Dogs, 2 = Burning, 3 = Crawlers, 4 = Hell, 5 = Scary, 6 = Boss (to be changed), 7 = grouped Normal, ? = random special wave, 20 = Increase Shop Costs and Zombie Damage
set surv_waves "0;0;?;?;0;?;6;20;?;?;?;0;?;?;6"
Hm...have adjust waves to look similar to this....before it was 0;0;3;4;2;4;7;20;5;7;4...etc. without random special wave , when i put " ? " mod put one wave , by all that it could be any wave.....i will look at waves to configure it somehow to be balanced and still ... well good to enjoy in them, feedback you guys give here help a lot to better fit some stuff and to raise a popularity of this great mod and it's server.

- [EGY]SLAYER - 02.02.2016

Is it possible to adjust waves for certain maps. Because in big maps we need more zombies or tougher zombies so it wont be so easy. One more thing, in advanced wave we all experience huge lag spikes. Maybe because the effects like smoke and so. If we can turn some of it off or at least decrease it maybe it will help with the lag spikes.

- Puffy - 02.02.2016

Sorry Slayer, this is general configuration, about lag spikes,did this happend tonight too? I mean from 9 PM, GMT +1 today?

- [EGY]SLAYER - 02.02.2016

Well to tell you the truth Puffy it doesn't happen in all maps. I'll see if it happens again and update you. Wink

- IveMESTAR - 02.02.2016

I have waaay better ping than slayer, and me too encounter lag spikes, i think that is in general.
Most of the times it happens to all players in later waves (over 8th), and when over 10 people on server.

Maybe something like before with a little change in 10,11,12 wave: 0;0;3;2;4;7;5;20;7;4;5;7;4;7;final wave ?
Little easier( 4th and 5th reversed) than before to give new players chance to upgrade weapon before first hell wave
That random can be totaly missed wave (on lower waves hell or on higher waves 0,1 or 2)

edit: i wrote this before playing (last time ingame yesterday evening)
edit 2: i saw helldogs on wave 13 Thumbdown
edit 3: to manny zombies on low levels (on 6-7th up should be this kind of more zombies)

- [SOG]Dorma - 02.02.2016

Hello I just play one point on the map mountains and saw that the number of zombies was increased significantly, server settings I found it perfect as it was, that's a shame because it reminds me changes that we made was on my old game server I left.
Obviously this remains my humble opinion, and if the majority of players enjoy the new settings should be kept well heard.
For my part I always would settle here or elsewhere. Smile

See you on game

- [SOG]STALKER - 03.02.2016

The new layout is just fine by me..i like it Smile

And as it is the place for suggestions, ill make a formal suggestion on the matter we discussed with Puffy yesterday. I keep having problems ingame with usage of rpgs and at4s, they often leave trails and burning flares all across the map..some of these flares generate constant smoke,,,and its a real FPS killer for many players...So the idea is to replace rocket launchers with grenade launchers for soldier, engineer and if im not mistaken also armored has it...Im not sure if u have the weapon file for it, but i belive that the engineers striker file can be modded to spit grenades instead of buckshots?? As informed, this should be Luk s area of direct q for u Luk: Can it be done??

That would seriously improve u said urself the rpg bugs cannot be i suggest remove them. Some players still dont listen when we tell them not to use rpgs in groups of players and close to camping spots. I keep having the same argument with player Ante...he doesnt speak good english so he is getting me all wrong..Doome also tried to explain to him in croatian but Ante left in the middle of this conversation and its left unclear if he finally affraid he still thinks that im abusing him and not allowing to use rpg on any if we could replace the rpgs with grenades...we would hit many flies with one stone.

- Luk - 03.02.2016

We're far gone from the code that is running on the Server currently, so we will not be able to introduce any model changes, that includes any weapon reworks. Sorry.

- C20Dragon - 12.02.2016

I had a suggestion if you could add more stats that are shown at the end of the game? Seems like it shows only 8 arbitrary stats/categories.

Also if possible, when a player turns into a zombie. if the player can control and attack others players. Instead of just watching the AI attack.
Give the player zombie a knife or a gun with no ammo to knife others with.

Just my opinion on a few options that might be good. Smile