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- IveMESTAR - 11.12.2015

when you connect to server
choose class, and join
then player has to wait (pending spawn)
i don't see what's the point (purpose) of waiting (sometimes whole wave pass by while waiting-pending spawn)

- Luk - 11.12.2015

Because you could rejoin every time you get down. And also I think it's plausible that a wave-based system of zombies should have a wave-based system for player spawning. It makes the game a little more difficult.

- IveMESTAR - 11.12.2015

ok, i can understand what you say, but...
sometimes i join while 2nd wave, and than wait time between 2nd-3rd wave and whole 3rd wave?

- Luk - 12.12.2015

Well, that surely is a bug then. Have you seen "We tried to spawn someone from the Spawnqueue who is already playing: xxx"? To this day I have no idea why. I guess the whole thing is broken a bit.

Normally it should spawn you every 180 seconds in a boss wave OR when the wave size is <20 total. If wave size is <=100 we spawn players every 50 zombie deaths, if wave size is between 101 and 299 we spawn players every 70 zombie deaths. If more than 299 zombies are in the wave we spawn every 100 zombie deaths.

We spawn every queue player BETWEEN waves anyway.

So yeah, that most likely sounds like a bug.

EDIT: Maybe we just set it to a configurable timer instead of relying on zombie death counts. That should be much more reliable.

hello - ★ Shaark ★ - 13.12.2015

here I fully agree with the LUK

Spawn must necessarily remain and another folder to delete, where glitches and Bugs (fortuna, gas, Smurf ind. *

- Luk - 13.12.2015

Thanks for agreeing, but....
★ Shaark ★,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=13324#post13324 Wrote:!!
but the only thing we have repeatedly when you add all these stupid delete the folder where glitchajo! fortuna Smurf and bugaste folders to be deleted. this is a huge GAS, yet finding no sexual currently GREETINGS!!!!!!!!

What the hell does that even mean? Confused Confused

armored problem - FNRP-GAINWARD - 22.12.2015

I have to ask can you increase knife damage and also faster special recharge for armored only?

I see this problem already, nobody wanted to play armored but after we increase damage with knife ( one hit kill ) and special recharge ( four kill full ) situation is much better.

Just a suggestion

- THE-KOT - 20.01.2016

Hello to everyone!now playing on your (our) server and I was surprised that there were three waves of zombies(Hell).guysI think thatis too boring((( four players left the game only because of these waves.I liked how you did a lot of mixed waves but now the game became boring.Guys can you bring back the mixed wave.sorry if I give you advice.Sincerely KOT.

- IveMESTAR - 20.01.2016

...yes i agree,...., few in a row helll zombies are little boring
Maybe something like .... 8 (mix), 9 (dark), 10 (hell), 11 (mix), 12 (hell), 13 (mix), final (like it is, or if you can increase number of zombies?)
And maybe change 4th round on mix (current spawn wave on 4th is little boring to)
What "heads" think about trying for a few days something like this?

- Caderyn - 21.01.2016

IveMESTAR,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=13752#post13752 Wrote:...yes i agree,...., few in a row helll zombies are little boring
are you talking about 5, 6 & 7 wave, if so i agree with you.... Unsure