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- ★ Shaark ★ - 14.08.2015

Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=11469#post11469 Wrote:Changed! The monkey bomb will damage the boss in its Explosive phase.
Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=11469#post11469 Wrote:Thanks you !! Respect

flying zombies - ACE - 21.09.2015

Hi all i think i t would be awesome to put zombies that can fly, like crows, it would be more challenging for some players that get up on high ground an the other zombies can't get them.

Also this is a great mod and i think i it is time for a an upgrade, and make the game more challenging. ACE

something like this Smile


- [EGY]SLAYER - 21.09.2015

If it's possible I think it will be a great idea Thumbsup

- IveMESTAR - 21.09.2015

me like Thumbup
but that would be great for volsung...he wear glasses Biggrin

hello - ★ Shaark ★ - 21.09.2015

good idea ... I like it Smile I hope you will Look And 3aGl3 agreed, because I think that the two of them remodel and update the mod ..
Good Luck guys as soon as possible and please do what modernization Thumbsup Thumbsup :salut:

- PostaR94 - 21.09.2015

Ones like this?
Source: Siren 3

- JeffSkye - 21.09.2015

Will be really hard/almost impossible to do.
And if its gonna be done it will probably take a long time making it all.
Because it will need:
The model of the zombie, Animations for every move the zombie has to make and New scripts.

- Puffy - 21.09.2015

I really dont know if that can be done........not that this if possible would require models animations ant to be honnest what waypoints would they follow.....and besides for every new model,animation you have to loose is a 2007 game with limited posibillities .....i really dont know if something like this can be done

- IveMESTAR - 21.09.2015

the mod is great like it is
great effort there
but this game is streched to the limit Wink
it would be great, but if it cannot be done,... still mod is Thumbup

- [EGY]SLAYER - 22.09.2015

Maybe it can be a new feature, meaning, when it's hell zombies wave they fall from the sky. Maybe we can make vessels like the light spheres or even monster eggs that fall from the sky and hatch on ground, only difference is that we can shoot them when they are still up there. This way we can bypass the animation complications and limit it to coding by make these objects shootable. Hmm

I know that our developers have their hands full but it's just and idea Respect