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- captainop - 25.07.2015

I don't think removing turrets is a good idea. They help a lot on smaller maps. I like it the way it is now. The only thing I would like to see in the near future are new maps. And removing some of the older would be great.

- Volsung - 26.07.2015

If you devs planning to update the mod, I have some other suggestions in addition to my previous ones, those come to my mind weeks ago and I took the time to write them at MS Word. I don’t know a flying thing about scripting so I don’t know if all those suggestions are applicable at Rotu-R lol.

1- Add the Mystery Weapons box like the one in COD WAW that gives a random weapon after a loop of guns, and make getting the weapons come with pure luck, like putting a percentage to a rare weapon (for example 3% chance to get a leveled sniper, 12% to get Uzi lol), and make it’s price a little higher (lets say 10-12k pts per choose), and the player is free not to take the gun if he doesn’t like it. That can remove the boredom of playing with the same weapon in a class again and again.

2- Add more weapons : like classic WW2 guns (Kar98k, MP44, Thompson etc…). they are available at the Mystery Box.

3- Make a diversity at zombies types . Add new zombies with different stats. like in Skyrim for exemple, you can encouter different types of bandits (bandit, thug, marauder….)etc. those new zombies may have more health and melee damage, and maybe a change in their skin (Waffen-SS officer to stick with Nazi theme for example..), or some climbing zombs (to disable the adventage of using ladders), etc…, or some zombies who die in a special way ( by only knifing or using explosives).

4- Diversity of zombie attacks. We see all zombies use melee damage. Maybe make some leveled zombies puke or grab you ( like the ones in Resident Evil) or some that can shoot stuff (guns, explosives), or some that explode when you get near you, leaving a poison that can deal damage per time ( health bar decrease slowly) etc…

5- Add some small loot when a random zombie die in form of boxes, than can be ammo, points, extra xp or even a gun. And make only the killer can take it to avoid fighting between players for treasures.

6- A Revision of relatively Weak classes. In my opinion, Assasin and armored are quite weak, especially assassin which he can’t compete with a medic or engineer for example, relying only on knife and crossbow. For example make upgrades to knife to increase damage, or get a special weapon which doesn’t break stealth mode, etc…

7- Removing the extra wave that was added recently,I was a big supporter of adding it, but now I agree with Postman who see that 15 in total were perfect. The lenght of the map can reach a nearly insupportable level with people down and assassins who don’t revive still wandering around , one time I saw that stock Farm map reaching 2h24mins because of that.

8- Add rewards for killing sprees. For example at x15 spree, 2 dogs spawn for a minute to help the player, or at 20x the player get artillery strike/predator missile, etc… just make the spree required too high to avoid spamming.

9- Adding more time to the Turret, maybe 20 secs because the classes other than engineer don’t profit too much from unaugmented turrets. Same also to Ammo kit, some extra seconds would be life-saving.

10-Revision of the upgrades fridge. Adding some new elements for example ( Insta-reloading special power, poison/fire bullets for a short amount of time, removing the MG-Barrel, etc…).

11- Power-ups. Like COD WAW and above, adding some powerups to boost player’s power in a limited amount of time. For example Pack-A-Punch to increase weapon’s max ammo carriage, or Juggernog to increase player health (like an extra armor), Mule Kick to allow the player to hold three guns at once,, PhD Flopper to decrease damage from explosives zombies, Stamin-Up to increase running time, Deadshot to increase hip-fire accuracy, and so on. Power-ups may be bought from upgrades fridge, and it’s costly (20k+ pts) , and the player can get only 2 powerups per map.

12- Maps : Add some new maps if available, increasing the amount of maps we can choose at the end (maybe 8 -10 maps ), and removing stock maps because zombies get lost and stuck alot at them, maybe keeping smaller ones like Killhouse.

13- Records shown at Forum : Show the records at a tab next to portal, forums, ban list…) to save the most highest records (Rounds supplied, most high score, healing hands, zombies knifed, biggest spree etc…)

When I get some other suggestions, I’ll let you know.
Thanks for reading !

- captainop - 27.07.2015

I like your suggestions volsung. But I think most of this would take a very long time and will to to be made. I hope one day we'll be able to see one of these things. But in shorter future besides new maps, maybe making shotguns stronger would be cool. They should be 1 or 2 hit kill in close distance. Maybe making them slighty more powerfull would be a fair thing for engineers now that we took them 2 turrets Smile

- Luk - 27.07.2015

1. It is in the mod, but we didn't update it with RotU-R. Will eventually be dealt with lateron.

2. There is a weapon limit in CoD4. We have to replace an existing weapon with a new weapon. There are other engine limits we would hit if we were to add too many weapons. We wanna keep it Modern Warfare style.

3. New zombie models need more space. A zombie variation would need whole different textures and a dedicated model to show "differences". We're also hitting engine limits here, that's why there is not much more to add.

4. A new animation type requires a weapon to be replaced. This weapon will become useless for players. Animations can be condensed into one weapon, but these animations need to be almost the same, especially when attacking, because we can't find out which animation is used, thus we can't know how long the delay is between "attack animation started" and "zombie is hitting player".

5. That is an idea, but that would add more models, effects and stuff on the field, and we too are hitting engine limits in that part. Sometimes effects aren't drawn or your weapon flickers when there's too much. Adding these things would also increase the risk of it happening.

6. We're actively working on the Armored and have a great idea for teamplay oriented stuff for him. The Assassin will always be a loner, or we invent a whole new class, for which we would need a ton of ideas.

7. Server config, not mod related

8. Currently sprees give exponential amounts of XP. Kill Streaks would be overkill, maybe we add bonus upgradepoints.

9. Server config, not mod related

10. MG Barrel removal is pending, more stuff is planned, but not that much. The classes should be independent and abilities of each class should not be buyable.

11. Would need animations and stuff, that would make each item be a weapon I guess. The stock ammo stuff is doable once we're through with our weapon system overhaul where basically each weapon has 9999 ammo, but we control the clip and stock size via script. So server host can decide which weapon to assign to which class.

12. Server config, not mod related

13. This forum is WBB and thus is built with its own type of coding. A dedicated page was tough to do already, game stats on the front page will be a whole new story I think. Not gonna happen anytime soon I guess.

Just a reminder: This thread is for MOD suggestions and usually not for the server itself. Please mark it apropriately so I can see which of these have to do with the server and which have to do with the mod itself.

- Volsung - 27.07.2015

Oh sorry I got you a little bit confused. My ideas which you marked as "server config, not mod related" are my current ideas about the server, and the other suggestions are for the Mod itself if you guys are planning to release a new updated version. So my suggestions are off-limit of game engine, that's true because the game is a little bit old (2008) and i didn't think of that lol
Thanks for your time Luk!

Suggestions / Questions to amend scout (monkey bomb) - ★ Shaark ★ - 14.08.2015

I was wondering if you could scout for change to the following
that would hurt monkey bomb boss,
whereas currently it is done so that the boss no damage.


(Monkey bomb)
[Image: u8bvITA.jpg]
Thumbsup Respect

- Luk - 14.08.2015

I don't understand.

Also you posted in the wrong section. I've moved the topic to RotU-R.

- Я-Wim-R - 14.08.2015

★ Shaark ★,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=11463#post11463 Wrote:I was wondering if you could scout for change to the following <br>
that would hurt monkey bomb boss,<br>
whereas currently it is done so that the boss no damage.<br>

<br> <br> <br>
(Monkey bomb)<br>
[Image: u8bvITA.jpg] <br> <br>
Thumbsup Respect

I think Shaarks question was if you could make the monkeybomb damage the boss.

exactly as he said wim - ★ Shaark ★ - 14.08.2015

exactly as he said wim,

and LUK sorry I did not know that I have to announce the publication in here for the next Telling
Thank you for your understanding

sorry my English is minimal


- Luk - 14.08.2015

Changed! The monkey bomb will damage the boss in its Explosive phase.