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- [PF]ACRG-90 - 30.10.2013

I agree with you on that one... I might be one of those people.. Rocking Rocking

- Punk - 30.10.2013

I worked so hard with dat explanation using my fluent english that i am so proud of, and this is the answer i get :bitchpls:

Speaking of players being to stupid, why not add a sound like "Use ****** explosives" for example :memePC:

Bah bye

- Я-Wim-R - 30.10.2013

Now I am feeling offended,

New Zombie Type: Jumper - Racso - 01.11.2013

It's a shitty idea, I know. But will try to explain the best way I can.

The Jumper as the name suggest, it will be able to jump up in the air. Not too high tho. (At least be able to jump over players)
The Jumper will be able to jump at random or XX% chance of jumping. (X=Any number) Not sure how long it will stay in the air, but enough time for a player to be able to notice that it have jumped .

The Jumper will have two attacks; Jumping on a player and a normal zombie punch. If a Zombie jumps on a player the player will be dealt great damage. (50-70% HP ) When hit by the landing Zombie, the player will be laying on the ground and with a wiggly vision (As seen when you are near a grenade when it explodes) and will lay on he ground for about 1-3 seconds.
The Jumper speed will be roughly the same as the Running Zombie but a little bit slower. Jumper will not have high health at all. If you say a normal zombie have the health of 100% then the Jumper will only have around 30% HP.

Optional: The Jumper will have the ability to stick on "walls" and it that way navigate trough the map faster then normal Zombies can do. (This will be very hard to do since that mean they need their own path finding, I think at least they do.)

If you have any questions about the new Zombie type I will gladly try my hardest to explain It.

- Puffy - 01.11.2013

I belive that kind of zombie appears in BO2,it is similar to crawler zombie, dont know if stick on walls but i know they jump and fly for a few sec till they reach player....nice

- Luk - 02.11.2013

Nice suggestion, but unfortunately all these new "types" of zombies are either unpractical or impossible to make.
I would need animations for: Jump, land, attack.
Each animation takes a weapon file, so ultimately the players would lose weapons to use.
Also this animation has to be existing in CoD WaW or somewhere in the net in a compatible format. Additionally it is quite impossible for the jumpers to navigate by walls.

All these suggestions are great, but I'm afraid that I would have to explain a heck of a lot about the engine so you guys know what's possible and what's not. But don't be afraid of me saying "I can't do that", this is just how it is and you don't have to feel bad for that Wink

- Я-Wim-R - 02.11.2013

It would need special maps for it if it wants to navigate on walls,
And a new navigation system for that zombie if I am correct

- Punk - 02.11.2013

Step by step, Luk would need to place/spawn Origins where the Jumpers would spawn, jump, wall.... This needs help from the mapper. It's possible to jump around and shit to one to another, but one of the problems is the animations for the zombie + for each situation (on roof, spider man wall version, landing on a player).

You could however spawn them behind a player via ground like a crawler, and then jump for him, but again, not animations. Would be cool, that remembered me of Left 4 Dead 2 and Black Ops 2 (Special Zombies).

Cheers Mates.

- Luk - 02.11.2013

Yes, the current way for zombies to find their way "through" a map is by navigating from waypoint to waypoint. These waypoints are placed by map creators across the ground of the map, walls are not in there.

- Racso - 02.11.2013

Naaww... And I thought I was going to be able to talk more about Jumper... I had thought about him all day, those things I told you and I thought up on a design.

But things are what they are. But, I will still come up with more ideas as soon as I can to try to help you improve Rotu-R.

Truth be told. I don't se much difference between the original rotu and rotu-r... Don't get me wrong , I'm very impressed by the mod it's self and how hard you work on it.. But the reason I thought up with a new zombie type was only because then it would seem more like it's a bigger difference between these versions. There is possibly a shit ton of new stuff, but I won't notice them as "new" content.

Luk, please don't take those words to harsh, please. I still love youu≈≈ Love (No homo)