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- Luk - 07.06.2015

The phoenix is supposed to naively balance out some of the out-of-control situations. Sometimes the game can be a bit unfair when spawning many explosive zombies right next to you, resulting in a rapid swing of events. The phoenix is a one-time-only opportunity to fix that issue.
It can be configured to be used or not, we choose to enable it.

Hello - ★ Shaark ★ - 07.06.2015

Is it possible to change the turrets from 3 to only 1 turret per person ??

- [SOG]Rom - 07.06.2015

I think is a good idea since now there are a lot more interactive waves, engineer has a lot of advantages

- captainop - 07.06.2015

Couldn't agree more. I hate using turrets because they give you a big advantage, especially during grouped waves. 1-2 turrets per person would be a good thing in my opinion.

- PostaR94 - 07.06.2015

I also agree, i think one turret will be enough. Players need to rely on their own not on turrets. We need some serious balance between the classes Smile

- IveMESTAR - 07.06.2015

in my opinion that is great idea, 1, max 2 turrets per player would be improvement in gameplay, engineer is now little stronger than others (i know Wink )
but maybe than soldier would be in big advantage because maybe too strong final gun Unsure
there will always be something to improve, that is why this server is so great, always on a road to be better Thumbsup Thumbsup

- captainop - 07.06.2015

I played a lot with soldier, practically only with that class first 100 hours. But lately I'm using medic. And I can say that in my experience medic has maybe better weapon selection than soldier. And their final guns are almost the same.

- IveMESTAR - 08.06.2015

my humble opinioni never play with medic Smile
but i know that engineer has great final gun (my precious Biggrin ) for close range combat, but for some big maps it is not good
but "problem" curently is turrets, so maybe set it 1 or max 2 turrets/player so you admins can see is it better gameplay that way
cyu all on serv Minigun

- Volsung - 15.07.2015

This thread is sleeping ?
*holding F to revive*

I have a couple of suggestion here,

1- decreasing turrets from 3 to 1 per player because when the Engineer use all 3 augmented + ammo and wonderweapon it become overpowered as hell, but adding some points to turret damage. As a turret guy myself, I find the Engineer is way overpowered than other classes, and on the other hand, give the chance to 10 dudes to get turrets instead of 4, because that "10 turrets max" message is more depressing than a breakup with lover Sad

2- adding a message at the center of the screen notifying you of turret's timeout, instead of the little one at the lower left.

3- adding some seconds to ammo box ( 1-2 more seconds would be life saving),

4- make the price of ammo replenish from upgrades a little bit higher, like dudes said before me it gives you ammo to all guns/bomb for a little price,

5- Add an extra wave under some conditions ( number of players, amount of players with 300k of score etc...) and this wave is composed from those tall nerd zombies with glasses and extra life, and it can be between the boss and the final wave,

6- An armor mod, you can buy it from upgrades so that you decrease your chance of getting down, but not too overpowered, (like 20-25% boost to health),

7- Ability to use C4/Claymore when down, It can be a good tactic to kill groups of zombs when you get revived, and lower the pressure on survivors,

8- A revision of MG-Barrel, maybe a tweak to it's damage/heat/life,

9- last screen stats: make those stats more interesting, like an achievement (add some experience points to the guys featured in the last screen, or adding some bonus points to the next map, etc...)

10- Fun stat at last screen : Total bullets fired Biggrin

- Luk - 16.07.2015

Thanks a bunch for the suggestions.

We're currently working on stuff that does not include any kind of new features. We're documenting every single function that is in the mod, which basically is describing every third line of code, and the script files have a size of ~650KB, which takes patience and a load of time. I think I've worked for 6 hours now and I've documented 3.5 files now, out of 58. This is soooo time consuming -.-

1. Good idea, ask Puffy for that (it is configurable)
2. That can easily become annoying, we're thinking of different ways. The text-display is too "easy" and a dirty solution, but I agree that the small notification at the bottom left is not nearly enough.
3. Sounds good, would also increase the cooldown then though.
4. I plan on making the ammo replenish based on the amount of bullets that you're missing.
5. That is already done with the Finale, another wave of that type might actually get scripted and hosts are then able to put it before the finale.
6. We have something like this in planning for the Armored class, but for him and his teammates.
7. Not a bad idea, I would prefer C4 only though.
8. We plan on removing it, it's useless, feels clunky and makes you vulnerable.
9. Stats is a thing we're looking into, but we don't want to give those who are good a bonus for the next map, they are good enough already. Maybe give the handicapped ones a buff, so they don't die as much.
10. Good idea.