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- JeffSkye - 21.05.2015

Well no that would be an big points boost.
I think boss wave is good as it is now.

Maybe adding some semi bosses would be funny tho.

- IveMESTAR - 21.05.2015

14th wave:<10 players 1 boss
>10 players 2 boss
final is great for now

About the Assassin's class Expl.Crossbow - KubaT_ - 04.06.2015

Well as my main class is Assassin, i usually want it to be perfect, so if it's possible that Explosive Crossbow which Assassin's get, could damage the Boss, when there is ''Use explosive on it'' or etc time for it. Since it is 'Explosive' itself it should be able to damage it. I guess this should't be problem to script.

- JeffSkye - 04.06.2015

Good idea.

- Luk - 05.06.2015

Changed. It will take effect once the map changes.

- KubaT_ - 05.06.2015

Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=10390#post10390 Wrote:Changed. It will take effect once the map changes.
Thanks for the fast response.

- PostaR94 - 06.06.2015

I think the option in upgrades shops for replenishing ammo should be much more expensive cause you replenish ammo for your secondary and primary weapon, c4, claymores and grenades for 3000 points and later for 4200 points. That's too cheap. I think that expensive cost of ammo replenish will forces players to take care of engineers more carefully and more rely on him. The same for health replenish. Players should more rely on medic and watch out for him not to get killed. These changes would increase teamwork and the difficulty we need. Also i think that Phoenix is unneccesery. If you all die, you're dead. Better luck next time

- IveMESTAR - 06.06.2015

[PF]Postman,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=10412#post10412 Wrote:Also i think that Phoenix is unneccesery. If you all die, you're dead. Better luck next time
i agree with that (maybe that will force new players to revive often-old players all know that revive is n°1 to do on server)
but for that cost for ammo and health, my opinion (i'm not experienced so...) is that now is just right, because if that would be more expensive no one would play as assassin (great class when no phoenix) or soldier,...

- Я-Wim-R - 07.06.2015

The phoenix is there to allow bad players to reach higher waves, and also not to let one bad moment screw you over when you were doing great.

- PostaR94 - 07.06.2015

I'm an old-school player taught on failure and fair punishment so if i fail it's my fault. Mod needs to express that teamwork. Nazi zombies were not expressing teamwork essencial but if NZ had phoenix it wouldn't be so awesome. Every good game needs a fair punishment for your mistakes to make you try again and become better if you put a lot of effort and dedication. That's just my opinion