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- C20Dragon - 22.03.2015

Just a suggestion... I like the grouped wave zombies and think that is the best wave since there's a lot of action. I was thinking maybe combining more waves together like Hell zombies and hell hounds, or crawlers and Burning or normal and crawlers.

or how about a wave where the normal zombies or any group is in invisible and players would have to randomly shoot in all direction... You can call them Ghost zombies..

Just a thought I had. Have a nice day.. Smile

final wave - IveMESTAR - 02.05.2015

Hi all
I played on some other server final wave on 5 players (and more ofc).
Maybe you can set it on your server?
It's just a suggestion, 5 players have no problem with final wave, and it is much more enyoj when only 5 players are ingame.

- captainop - 02.05.2015

I agree with this. We do have lower number of players because of those ddos, and it's a shame when 5 or 6 people get through 14 waves and can't have grand finale. It's just my opinion.

- captainop - 14.05.2015

You definitely hit home run with this change. Removing boss and putting special waves makes game more interesting. Only one thing has left to change; that 2nd gun in soldier class Vain

- Puffy - 15.05.2015

Im glad you like that waves change.

- [EGY]SLAYER - 17.05.2015

I like the change, but I think you need to upgrade weapons because now waves escalates faster Smile

- JeffSkye - 17.05.2015

Well weapon stuff is the work from 3aGl3 and Luk, but they are both busy atm

- IveMESTAR - 18.05.2015

that wave change,....i can't imagine how could it be better
You got it just right Thumbsup Thumbsup
Weapons (at least for engineer) are great balanced, i wouldn't change there anything.
My humble opinion

- captainop - 18.05.2015

Engi weapons are good, as well as weapons for other classes. Execept that soldier one I mentioned. It's way to weak. Even pistol is better than that one. It's not that big of a deal. One day when Luk and 3aGl3 start looking at new weapons, maybe they could consider changing that one. It would make me very happy :salut:

- PostaR94 - 21.05.2015

What do you guys think about adding multiple boss zombies in wave 14 with idea of being able to damage them with bullets all the time like in some versions of RotU or adding few of them in finale with the same health as usual for bullet time in boss wave